A concise tutorial on XSL (1) Getting Started with XSL

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An introduction to XSL

two. xsl conversion

three. XSL---implementation on the client

Four: XSL---on server-side implementation

Five. XSL index

six XS L Filter and Query

Seven. Xsl's control statement

One. Introduction to XSL

1.XSL---XML stylesheet

HTML Web pages use predefined identifiers (tags), which means that all tags have a clear meaning, For example <p> is another row However, XML does not have a fixed identity, we can build the identity we need, so browsers can't parse them automatically, for example <table> can be understood as tables or tables. Because of the extensibility of XML, we do not have a standard way to display XML documents.
to control the display of XML documents, it is necessary to establish a mechanism in which CSS is one, but XSL (extensible Stylesheet Language) is the preferred style language for displaying XML documents, which is more suitable for XML than CSS.

2.XSL---is more than just a stylesheet

XSL consists of two parts:

One transforms an XML document and the other is formatting an XML document.

If you don't understand the meaning, consider this: XSL is a language that transforms XML into HTML, a language that filters and selects XML data, and a language that formats XML data. (for example, show negative numbers in red.)

3.XSL---What does it do?

XSL can be used to define how an XML document is displayed, to convert an XML document into an HTML file that can be recognized by the browser, and typically XSL to implement this transformation by translating each XML element into an HTML element. The

XSL can add new elements to the output file, or move elements. XSL can also rearrange or index data, which detects and determines which elements are displayed and how much is displayed.

4.XSL is displayed in IE5

Note: IE5.0 is not fully compatible with the latest XSL standards published by the organization. Because IE5.0 was released before the final determination of the XSL standard. Microsoft has promised to fix it in IE5.5.

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