A course for color correction of neutral grey in the late stage of Photoshop portrait photography

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Hyperbolic grinding method or neutral ash repair Map ~

Many PS beginners and some intermediate users are confused

The principle is to use the technique of deepening dodge to adjust the shading of the image so that every detail of the picture is too natural.

The tutorial uses two black layers, one mode is the color (the purpose is to color) one is overlay (the purpose is to enhance the display of detail).

A hyperbola is a two curve, a highlight, a dimming, a brush in the mask repeatedly rub, the tool is a brush.

Neutral Ash is to build a blank layer, fill 50% neutral gray, layer mode with overlay gray soft light, and then on this layer to deepen the Dodge, tool is to deepen the Dodge tool.

The tutorial is just a learning reference, the revision is a Kung fu live, need long-term practice plus patience to achieve exquisite effect. Although the tutorial is only one hour in the

Video editing time to speed up the playback speed of normal repair picture at least seven or eight hours!!


Effect Chart:

1. Hold down ALT + the second penultimate small square below the layer, the layer mode soft light 50% in the bottom of the gray hit on the hook ...

2. Click the semicircle below the layer "create a new fill" Click Solid color ...

3. Solid Color is black ...

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