A. Cows and Primitive Roots

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Time limit per test

2 seconds

Memory limit per test

256 megabytes


Standard Input


Standard output

The cows have just learned what a primitive root is! Given a primeP, A primitive root is
An integerX(1 digit ≤ DigitXLatency <latencyP) Such
That none of IntegersXAccept-limit 1, limit,X2 seconds-interval 1, interval..., interval ,...,XPInvalid-limit 2 values-limit 1 are
DivisibleP,XPInvalid-limit 1 partial-limit 1 is.

Unfortunately, computing primitive roots can be time consuming, so the cows need your help. Given a primeP, Help the cows find the number
Of Primitive Roots.


The input contains a single line containing an integerP(2 cores ≤ CoresPLimit <limit 2000 ).
It is guaranteed thatPIs a prime.


Output on a single line the number of Primitive Roots.

Sample test (s) Input

The only primitive root is 2.

The primitive roots are 2 and 3.

Problem description: This question is to find the maximum number of common, the meaning of the question is X-1, x ^ 2-1 ,..., the maximum common divisor of x ^ (P-2)-1 and P is 1, and x ^ (p-1)-1 can be divisible by P. This question can be simulated, but there is a simpler method on the Internet:

Ferma's theorem is an important theorem in number theory. Its content is: if p is a prime number and (A, P) = 1, then

A ^ P-1) 1_1 (mod p) If P is a prime number and a and P are mutually qualitative, then the remainder of A's (PM) is equal to 1 by the remainder of P.

For this question, we only need to find the number of mutually qualitative numbers with the p-1's, which can satisfy the two conditions. However, we can use the Euler's function to find the number of mutually qualitative numbers with P-1's (first obtain the prime factor for the entire division of the p-1's, then bring the formula)

#include <iostream>#include <cstdio>#include <cstdlib>#include <cmath>#include <cstring>#include <string>#include<set>#include <algorithm>using namespace std;int gcd(int a, int b){   return b ? gcd(b, a%b) : a;}int main(){   int p,i;    int ans=0;   scanf("%d",&p);   for(i=1; i<p; ++i)   {   if(gcd(p-1, i)==1){ans++;}   }   printf("%d\n",ans);}

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