A custom function that converts the amount of Arabic numerals into Chinese

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CREATE FUNCTION Changebigsmall
(@ChangeMoney money)
RETURNS VarChar (M) as
Declare @String1 Char (20)
Declare @String2 Char (30)
Declare @String4 Varchar (100)
Declare @String3 Varchar (100)--value removed from the original a value
Declare @i INT--loop variable
Declare the value of the @j Int--a times the string length of 100
Declare @Ch1 Varchar (100)--Digital Chinese reading method
Declare @Ch2 Varchar (100)--Chinese character reading method of digit digit
Declare @Zero Int--Used to compute a continuous number of zeros
Declare @ReturnValue VarChar (100)
Select @ReturnValue = '
Select @String1 = ' 0 Woolu qi Ba Nine '
Select @String2 = ' thousand thousand hundred million thousand thousand hundred pick up the corner points '
Select @String4 = Cast (@ChangeMoney *100 as int)
Select @j=len ((@ChangeMoney *100) as int)
Select @String2 =right (@String2, @j)
Select @i = 1
While @i<= @j Begin
Select @String3 = Substring (@String4, @i,1)
If @String3 <> ' 0 ' Begin
Select @Ch1 = Substring (@String1, Cast (@String3 as Int) 1, 1)
Select @Ch2 = Substring (@String2, @i, 1)
Select @Zero = 0--Represents the standard is not zero
else Begin
If (@Zero = 0) or (@i = @j-9) or (@i = @j-5) or (@i = @j-1)
Select @Ch1 = ' 0 '
Select @Ch1 = '
Select @Zero = @Zero 1--The representation standard is 0

-If the converted value needs to be enlarged, change the value of the expression I below.
Select @Ch2 = '
If @i = @j-10 Begin
Select @Ch2 = ' billion '
Select @Zero = 0

If @i = @j-6 Begin

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