A day of jquery

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has compiled some basic knowledge about jquery to help understand.

A Blank questions

1. The main advantages of jquery are ____________, __________, _________.

2. $ ("...") Can be put in _______ selector, _____ selector, _____ selector, _____ selector, etc.

3. $ ("input[id^=123]") represents ___________________________.

4. <div id = "a" >123</DIV>, Console.info ($ ("#a"). empty ());

The above code prints the result as _________________.

5. Chilren in the query is _________________________,

Find is ___________________________.

6. <div id = "div" class = "Test" ></div>

var attrclassval = $ ("#div"). attr ("class");

var propclassval = $ ("#div"). Prop ("Class");

console. info (attrclassval, propclassval);

The above code prints out values of _________,________.

7. $ ("#btn"). ____ ("___", function () {
Alert ("Use ... Binding Event! ");

8. <p id= "P1" >good good study,day dayup!<p>

Change the background color of the p tag above to red:


Ii. Question and answer questions

1. What is Jqurey?

Three. Supplemental Code

1. <p> we need to learn jqurey</p>

Replace the contents of the P tag with the following: Jqurey is a real artifact!


</script >

2. var a = [1,2,3,4];

Iterate through the array and print out each element.

3.<p>1</p> <p>2</p> <p>3</p> put all P tags in the same new Div.

4. Write out the offset from the top of the P-element scrollbar that gets the ID p1.

A day of jquery

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