A description of the logic of Judgment in VB

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For example, when a continuous judgment is made, even if the first one does not meet the criteria, the latter will still be counted. It is important to remember that unless all of your functions are necessary, it will result in less efficiency.

Code reduction does not necessarily improve efficiency, for IIF and continuous judgment, it seems that many people do not know that FUNCA,FUNCB,FUNCC will execute

The code below, interested can try to try or whether also like and

Option ExplicitPrivate SubCommand1_Click ()Print "Continuous Judgment------------------------"    IfFunca andFuncb andFuncc Then        Print ">>> OK"&vbCrLfElse        Print ">>> NO"&vbCrLfEnd If        Print "Nested judgment------------------------"    IfFunca Then        IfFuncb Then            IfFuncc Then                Print ">>> OK"&vbCrLfExit Sub            End If        End If    End If    Print ">>> NO"&vbCrLfPrint "IIF Judge------------------------"    If IIf(FUNCB, FUNCC, Funca) Then        Print ">>> OK"&vbCrLfElse        Print ">>> NO"&vbCrLfEnd IfEnd SubPrivate FunctionFunca () as Boolean    Print "run over Funca"Funca=FalseEnd FunctionPrivate FunctionFUNCB () as Boolean    Print "run over FUNCB"FUNCB=TrueEnd FunctionPrivate FunctionFUNCC () as Boolean    Print "run over FUNCC"FUNCC=TrueEnd Function

A description of the logic of judgment in VB

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