A detailed definition of the explode () function in PHP

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I believe that the small partners see the title will know that PHP explode () function of the string function, and we also know explode () function to write the segmentation of the split string PHP function, then we will give you a detailed introduction of the next PHP explode () function of the explanation!

The following is a PHP function written according to the explode () function that splits the split string, and the main PHP intercepts the intermediate data at the beginning and end, which is useful

The code is as follows:

<? # # # Divide string # # # # # # # function Jb51netcut ($start, $end, $file) {$content =explode ($start, $file); $content =explode ($end, $ CONTENT[1]); return $content [0]; }?>

explode definition and usage
The explode () function splits the string into arrays.


Explode (Separator,string,limit)
Parameters Description
Separator Necessary. Specifies where to split the string.
String Necessary. The string to split.
Limit Optional. Specifies the maximum number of array elements that are returned.

This function returns an array of strings, each of which is a substring separated by separator as a boundary point.

The separator parameter cannot be an empty string. If separator is an empty string (""), Explode () returns FALSE. If separator contains a value that is not found in a string, explode () returns an array containing a single element in the string.

If the limit parameter is set, the returned array contains a maximum of limit elements, and the last element will contain the remainder of the string.

If the limit parameter is a negative number, all elements except the last-limit element are returned. This feature is new in PHP 5.1.0.
Hints and Notes
Note: The parameter limit is added in PHP 4.0.1.

Note: For historical reasons, although implode () can receive two parameter sequences, explode () does not work. You must ensure that the separator parameter is not preceded by a string parameter.

In this example, we will split the string into arrays:

The code is as follows:

<?php $str = "Hello World". It ' s a beautiful day. "; Print_r (Explode ("", $str));?>


Array ([0] = = Hello [1] = = world. [2] [+] = It's [3] = a [4] = = Beautiful [5] + = day. )


Through the study of this article, I believe that the small partners are aware of PHP explode () function definition, I hope to help you work!

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