A detailed description of C # Break,continue,return

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Break,continue,return These three common keywords in C # Programming syntax are very useful for our programming development, so I'll introduce you to the usage of Break,continue,return.  

One, the C # programming syntax break statement:

The break statement causes the running program to immediately exit the loop that is contained in the inner layer or exit a switch statement. Since it is used to exit a loop or switch statement, this form of break statement is valid only if it appears in these statements.

If the termination condition of a loop is very complex, it is much easier to use the break statement to implement certain conditions than to express all the conditions with a loop expression.

for (Var i=1;i<=10;i++) {if (i==6) break; Console.Write (i);}

The result of the output is 12345.

Second, C # programming syntax continue statement:

The continue statement is similar to the break statement. What's different is that it's not quitting a loop, but starting a new iteration of the loop.

The continue statement can only be used in the loop body of a while statement, Do/while statement, for statement, or foreach (JS scripting language is for/in) statement, which in other places will cause an error!

for (Var i=1;i<=10;i++) {if (i==6) continue;         Console.Write (i); }

The output is 1234578910.

Third, C # programming syntax return statement:

The return statement is used to specify the value returned by the function. The return statement can only appear in the function body, and anywhere else in the code will cause a syntax error!

When you execute a return statement, the function execution stops even if there are other statements in the body of the function!

Break in C # programming syntax, continue, return the use of the three commonly used keywords to introduce you here, I hope you understand and learn to break, continue, return the use of the three commonly used keywords helpful.

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A detailed description of C # Break,continue,return

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