A detailed description of CSS Layout-grid properties

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Layout-grid:layout-grid-mode | | Layout-grid-type | | Layout-grid-line | | Layout-grid-char | | Layout-grid-char-spacing


This property is a composite property. See properties for each parameter.


Sets or retrieves a grid attribute that specifies the layout of text characters in a compound document.
Documents written in East Asian languages (such as Chinese, Japanese) typically use the page layout of characters based on one-dimensional or two-dimensional meshes.
The corresponding script attribute is Layoutgrid. Please refer to the other bibliography I have written.


p {Layout-grid:char line 12px 12px 5px;}

<p style= "layout-grid:15.6pt none" class= "Section0" > How to Understand?

The above is a copy of the content from word placed on the page, the background to see the beginning of the code. How can I explain it? is what each word means. Can not be deleted.

Sets or retrieves the row grid value applied to the object text, 15.6 points
None: Row grid values are not specified

Section0 defines a section in a document. such as chapters, headers, footers, or other parts of the document.

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