A detailed description of the stamping command in Photoshop

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The stamped command pair was initially considered to be a merged copy but later found that the command was flexible because he could operate on a few levels.

Application range 1 The visible layer of the stamping will be stamped to another layer (condition two must be continuous, between two layers can not have hidden soil)

2 Stamping all visible layers (the condition to be stamped are visible) optionally select a target layer to seal all layers to the target layer or seal to the newly created empty layer.

3 The method to have the selective stamping can be stamped with the layer (the condition requires stamped link)

4 stamped layer groups (the condition layer is visible in the layer group) Select the layer group to perform actions by CTRL + Alt+e the layer in the layer group, stamped to the new layer that is named after the layer group, above the layer group.

5 There are two other situations in the stamping of the layer group.

1) is the choice of nested layer group My understanding is that the sequence of the series in the sequence of stamping methods and results ibid.

2 Select a sequence of nested layer groups to execute the stamp, will create a new layer named after that layer, the original layer will be deleted, the original layer group or nested layer group will automatically detach from the layer group.

Stamped layer groups are estimated to be less used only to understand

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