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Travel is an important part of life. You have traveled many ways and seen many people. When students finish their lives and the train of youth leaves the young platform, everything goes, are so precious. As a college student, there is a lot of time each year to travel while arranging courses. May 1, 11, summer vacation, winter vacation ...... The most advantageous time is the summer vacation and winter vacation.
In college, reading is only a small part of life. This period is the best time to broaden your horizons. There is no burden, the use of work-study-related and family-funded methods, coupled with the strong network of people from all over the country, walking, traveling, looking at the scenery and customs, is the best choice.
Many cities have been put on the agenda since the second year. I have visited many cities and screened 10 cities. I would like to recommend it to my friends who are college students.

1. Beijing

As the preferred city, Beijing is not only the capital of China, but also the center of political culture. It is because there are two schools in Beijing, which are the temples in the hearts of college students nationwide.
Peking University is a paradise for liberal arts students, and Tsinghua University is the place that top students dream of. In high school, the goals of the first few students in our class are all set here, the meeting must go through the shuqiao summit of the college entrance examination. A few years later, they finally made their wishes come true, and I used the power of these students to complete my trip to Beijing.
They showed me the Palace Museum, the Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven and the Earth, watching the sea climb the Great Wall, the zoo Botanical Garden yuan mingyuan is also a place to go. Riding a bicycle through peking university's library building, taking a photo on a stone on the unknown Lake ...... Many places are famous for these schools, and they remain in their memories.
Beijing is the place where every student should go. There is a strong cultural atmosphere that can expand your horizons.
In Beijing, I slept in my dream forever after a year. As a tourist city, Beijing is the first choice. Especially for college students, it is amazing to look at the holy campuses and walk the path of their predecessors.

2. Shanghai
The bustling Shanghai city allows every college student who has been there to fly with enthusiasm. Yes, it is an international metropolis, with the most realistic and inflated material desires and the desire of every young man to live.
On the long road to Nanjing, on the Bund at night, the pearl of the Orient shines brightly on TV.
Shanghai has Fudan, Jiaotong University, and Tongji. Shanghai is proud and proud to compete with Beijing. Shanghai students go to Beijing to study, just as Beijing students go to Shanghai to study.
However, Shanghai has enough reason to become a must for college students to travel. Only when you see enough things, have enough desires, and have enough encouragement and stimulation, will the young people have more explosive power.
If there is no comparison, there will be no growth. If you choose to live a good life, you can choose a better place for yourself.
If you look at Shanghai, you will know that you can still do a lot of things, and you will know that you can enjoy a better life.
So if you want to travel, go to Shanghai.

3. Suzhou
I chose this city as a station for my journey because of the climate and language. Of course, more importantly, I like this southern region. It's not a temptation for me to learn literature.
I have learned from Suzhou garden that I have never forgotten. I have read the architecture and skills many times in the text, but I cannot resist the temptation to look at it myself. So I contacted my students who studied at Suzhou University. She was responsible for the reception and I was responsible for the visit.

Su DA is a very beautiful school, those buildings, those campus full of Southern flavor, that smell through the alleys of the antique.

In fact, Suzhou is a very gentle person, walking on the streets of Suzhou, there will be a strange Soft Flow in the heart. When I ran through the water, I walked on the bridge and ate some sweet snacks.

There is also Zhou Zhuang. In "time like water", Huang Lei and Liu ruoying interpret Zhou Zhuang as a quiet and beautiful village with a love story that is full of cultural atmosphere. When the sisters in the dormitory glared at a pair of handsome boys and girls on the monitor with their pillows and drool views in the Water Town, this place was set to one of our favorite destinations.4. Xiamen
It is said that the most beautiful campus in China is Xiamen University.
In that city, the air is fresh and you can see the sea and listen to the sea.
The student was so angry that I set the city to a holiday. I contacted my brother who was studying there and ran away.
In many places, you may only go once in a lifetime, but in many places, once is enough to remember.
5. Yunnan
How many people dream of Yunnan?
Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna ...... Many locations are scheduled to go to Yunnan in their own journey plans. Those with unusual ethnic customs are spring cities like spring, where bright and beautiful flowers are dazzling.
Not to mention the beautiful pictures on many travel pictures and books, just the bars, small hotels, and lovers in many love stories have turned the hearts of young people around.
For the sake of beautiful encounters, for the sake of the beauty of Lijiang, and for those dreams hidden in our hearts, Yunnan is definitely one of the cities to go.6. Chengdu
What is Chengdu? The night view of chunxi Road, Dahua building, Jiuzhaigou, Dujiangyan, and Yanhua Creek Park, the most important thing is that it has Du Fu caotang.
In the winter of 759 AD, Du Fu moved his home from Longyou (southern Gansu province) to SHU to avoid the chaos of history. With the help of friends and friends, you can build a Mouch house on the picturesque zhuhua Creek in the western suburbs of Chengdu. In the spring of the next year, the Mouch house was built and called "Chengdu caotang ". Here, the poet has lived for nearly four years, and more than 240 poems have been written.
This history has already appeared in textbooks, but those scenery has not yet appeared. So I packed my bags and went on the road alone. I wanted to see which of the centuries-old poems came from.
Chengdu gave birth to these history and made it a legend after a while.7. Wuhan
I met Wuhan when my teacher told his story. He said that watching cherry blossoms on the campus of wuda and reading aesthetics under the cherry blossom tree is a wonderful life.
So after a while, I really stood on the campus of wuda, but the cherry blossom here started to be paid for viewing.
Wuhan is a memorable place. Hot, but prosperous.
I will never know the road, and the road will always make me lost.

There is also the Yellow Crane Tower, still long in the sigh of a thousand years.

8. Tibet
Everyone wants to go to Tibet. Seriously, Tibet cannot even be classified into cities. That is even a paradise.
The blue sky is exceptionally clear and pure, and the white clouds are light and bright. There is a peaceful morning bell and twilight, where it is a paradise for the pilgrimage.

Everyone wants their own soul to be pure. Whether it's work or reading, there is a place for them to examine themselves, which is also a wonderful place. So Tibet is such a place to purify the soul.9. Hong Kong
College students envy Hong Kong in terms of educational conditions, economic development, and bilingual teaching in Hong Kong. Today, when I pass my diploma at level 4 or 6, my superior language advantage is also a kind of capital.
The night in Hong Kong is very beautiful, with a strange blue. People bow their heads and walk in the sky, and they feel very different.
Hong Kong is also a place for college students to go. More exposure to some civilizations, more exposure to some knowledge, more integration with international standards, is the best choice in the future.

10. Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou is a city I love, so I strongly recommend that college students take Zhengzhou as one of the travel sites.
Because of the ancient capitals of Luoyang, Kaifeng and xuchang in Henan, the blood of Emperor yanhuang spread from the Central Plains. The Yellow River, known as the "Mother River", is standing on the bank of the Yellow River.
Longtao, a romantic character.

Zhengzhou is definitely a worthwhile place in college students' life journey. My footsteps depart from Zhengzhou and will return here.
And if you pass here, please raise your hand and smile at it.

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