A detailed explanation of PPT clock Animation production method

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A period of time ago the company organized a PPT training, a teacher at the beginning to play a clock screen, ask us how to achieve in the PPT. I didn't think about it for a long time. Three how the motion of the pointer is correlated. When the teacher announced the answer, it dawned on me.

These two days have a user request PPT tutorial, I took this clock as an example to do this tutorial, technical content is not high, aimed at expanding everyone's ideas, activate our creative thinking, not to do, only unexpected.

New hands to do a tutorial is not easy, small knitting aesthetics, of course, this clock in the art can also do more beautiful, I hope you do not spray, thank you!

1, painting a small two circles, large blue filled, placed at the bottom, small with white fill, and then the two circle concentric fold, select a combination.

2, insert text box on the slide, add time font. CTRL + A Select all, right key selection combination.

3, in the AutoShape in the "block of Arrows" in the "Up Arrow" as hands, and change the fill color. Copy the arrow 1, and place it in the position on the diagram, with two arrows selected together, right button, grouped together.

4, select the arrow below, double-click Set the most down arrow, fill color set to "No Fill color", the line Color set to "wireless strip color", so that our hour hand is done.

5, put the good hand into the middle of the dial.

6, select the "Custom Animation", add "action effect" as: emphasis on--> gyro-spinning.

7, right click on the animation list "combination 25", select "Effect Options"

8, under the Timer label, set as follows:

Start: Before

Delay: 0 seconds

Speed: 12:00:00 seconds (Manual input here, note that the colon is the symbol below the English input method)

Repeat: Until the next time you click

9, according to the same method as above, with the arrows to make the minute hand and the second hand, and stacked together, pay attention to the level (at the bottom of the clock, then the second hand, then the minute hand, the top hand) set the same animation, but the minute hand effect option under the speed input "01:00:00 seconds", the second hand speed input "01:00 seconds", Other settings are the same as the hour hand.

10, the final operation effect:

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