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Microsoft Office 2013, with its new humanized design, provides perfect support for social networking while delivering modern applications including reading, notes, meetings, and communication, and delivers it to users through the latest cloud service patterns. The word 2013 component provides a new reading mode that contains many features that make it easier for users to view documents, annotate, and revise documents.

In addition to supporting regular content-entry editing, Word 2013 supports document annotation and revision functionality. annotation function is to annotate the contents of the original text without affecting the content of the original text. The revision feature is to label the modified place so that the user will be notified of the modification the next time it is opened.

Word 2013 is rich in color and has a softer interface

Comments are meant to help users get a clearer idea of the meaning of some of the words in the document, or to add a note. The old version of Word in the case of too many comments, the overall interface appears to be quite confusing, the interface color is unreasonable, easy to appear visual fatigue. The new Word document interface becomes more concise, the colors are softer, and the overall layout is more reasonable.

When the mouse moves to the part that needs to be commented on, the comment bar on the right automatically jumps to the corresponding annotation content, and uses the line of light color to let the user pay more attention to the content while keeping the document clean and tidy. In addition, the annotation for the chart is not open by default, and if the user wants to see all the comments on the page, click the "All Markup" button to open it.

Word 2013 tag simplicity, guaranteed reading

The user browses the annotation in Word reading mode, the new word will not display the relevant annotation content on the right side, but the maximum guarantee reading consistency, when the mouse moves to the annotation content will appear in the form of floating form, can track the entire document the change annotation position, and to communicate with other document-sharing users on a floating form that jumps out.

Word 2013 makes tracking more intelligent

In addition, a new version of Word helps users navigate through changes and comments in a document, and makes the entire document look comfortable with a rich color palette. At the same time, the new version of Word into the social functions, and sometimes the document needs to share with many people, users can directly in the comments and other friends to communicate.

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