A detailed explanation of the method of inputting chemical equation in WPS

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First, the installation of WPS Chemical Assistant

WPS Chemical Assistant allows you to quickly enter a chemical formula, reaction equation in WPS, eliminating the cumbersome operation of manually changing the subscript and letter case. Log on to the official web page, click "Install to WPS" (Figure 1), and then depending on the browser security settings, the system may pop up the query dialog box, click the "Allow" button to install the WPS Chemical assistant into the WPS2010.

Figure 1

Insert the equation of chemical reaction

For WPS2010 installed WPS Chemical Assistant, to enter the chemical reaction equation that becomes easy, the specific operation is as follows.

1. Start "WPS text" and open the required document or create a new document.

2. On the Chemical Assistant Plug-in toolbar (Figure 2), click Insert Chemical, and then, in the box under "directly enter a molecular or reaction equation below", enter the formula or chemical equation to be entered, which is automatically converted to the canonical chemical format and displayed in the box under "Effect Preview" (Figure 3).

Figure 2

Figure 3

3. Click the Insert button to insert the canonical chemical equation into the current document.

Usually, WPS Chemical Assistant can automatically standardize the chemical format, but there are two points to note: first, when you want to input ions (superscript), please enter the "^" superscript start, then enter the "^" and 3+, and then enter the "^" end superscript; the other is to enter the containing CO, HPO3, HNO4, Hoo and other characters, and Metal Co, Po, No, ho, such as confusion, so the O letter must be entered in uppercase, enter lowercase will automatically convert to metal elements.

Small Tips

Automatic conversion

If you have entered a chemical formula or reaction equation in your document, you can select it, and then on the Chemical Assistant Plug-in toolbar, click the "Auto Convert" button to standardize the normal characters into chemical format.

Periodic table of chemical elements

WPS's chemical Assistant also provides a visual periodic table that provides the atomic weights and discovery histories of each element, using the periodic table where you can easily learn and quickly enter elements into a document.

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