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Absrtact: More and more people are complaining about the slow speed of the mobile network. This is an eternal topic, because no matter how fast the mobile network speed can not meet the increasing demand for speed. The era of turtle speed Internet under 14.4K modems has long been forgotten, and now people are asking for instant access to any Web page. Oddly, however, people are complaining about the network itself, not the speed of the Internet. If you simply increase the speed of the network, you can solve it by increasing the Internet speeds, reducing network latency, or by directly increasing the speed of the browser. (Google amp and Baidu MIP on the impact of SEO) but complaining about the network itself, I am afraid that can only throw the pot to the people who started the World Wide Web. The speed at which the pages are expanding in numbers is staggering. Research conducted by HTTP archive showed that, in January 2012, the average amount of data to open a page was 1239kB, totaling 86 requests, and by September 2015 the volume of data increased to 2,162kb and the number of requests to 103. These numbers, while not directly linked to the time required for page loading and rendering, are an important indicator of how much information the Web page has changed.

1. Uncover Google Amp project: How does Google amp improve the speed of page loading?

Summary: For AMP, there are two key points that affect the user experience, which is JavaScript and JavaScript-based advertising. The advantage of AMP is Google's powerful server, the disadvantage is Google ads. Although it sounds ridiculous, advertising is indeed the disadvantage of AMP. Because Google has the largest network ad server on the Internet

2. Google amp and Baidu MIP on the impact of SEO

Summary: Amp page speed, and page open speed Confirmation is one of the SEO ranking factors, and in mobile search is a more important factor, so amp should still have a ranking advantage.

3. What's the ghost of Google AMP?

Introduction: Google Amp (accelerated mobile pages, Accelerated mobile page) is Google's launch of a static content to build a Web page, provide reliable and fast rendering, speed up the page load time, especially on the mobile Web side to view content time.

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