A detailed tutorial of the blood elf characters in the PS Mouse painting warcraft

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The final effect of this chapter is as follows:

Using software:

Poser Pro 2010 (set character stance) | Photo Shop cs5 (main drawing)

External devices:

Mouse (Photoelectric) | Mouse pad (blue, there is an apple Oh ~)

Mouse Painting Ideas:

Because there is no art basis, can not accurately draw the character perspective structure, so consider using Poser software to set the posture, it is unnecessary to draw the process of the draft line ~ (painting line Manuscript This is the professional people do),

I used to use photos in the character posture, but not meet the requirements of very few, students can also try to use photos as a blueprint. Fixed the problem of POS structure, the rest relies on software and

Mouse painting technology can be all done, whether you know how to understand the arts are also used the possibility of success.


This tutorial requires a certain foundation of software operation and a deep understanding of mouse painting techniques. Beginners find some simple tutorials to see ~

Drawing process:

1, set the content and named

Give his work a chic name, consider what to draw, establish tonal ~ style, with 1-2 days to find material, with a pious heart to observe the works of professional masters.

2. Set POS

The use of Poser software to set the preferred posture, the software is very simple, you can study under the time I have the whole point of small tutorials can be reference.

Later I changed the posture of the man's hand, this claw too "tension" ~

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