A detailed tutorial on the application of PS Medium Channel mixer in the Mask

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The Channel Mixer command may be the least common command in all palette commands in PS, because it is complex, intuitive, and involves a lot of theoretical knowledge, which is daunting to many beginners. However, once you can master it skillfully, you can get through the joints between color, channel, mask and so on to deepen the understanding and application of PS. This time, about the channel mixer I would like to talk about the source channel itself in the channel mixer played in the role of the mask, which is also a lot of beginners do not attract attention to the place, I hope to inspire you.

One, the channel to the color performance:

The white part of the channel is for the complete selection, the black part for the complete selection, the gray part for the partial selection.

Red channel in the white performance is red, yellow, PINKCO;

Green channels in the white performance is green, yellow, cyan;

Blue channels in the white performance is blue, cyan, Pinkco.

Understand this is very important, all of the color palette to adjust the intuitive colors, in fact, editing is the channel in black and white relations, the application of images, calculations and other commands are visually adjusted in the channel in the black and white relationship, in fact, the adjustment is the color. The schematic diagram is as follows:

Second, the source channel in the channel mixer play a role in the mask

Conclusion: The source channel plays a masking role in the output channel, and the source channel can be regarded as the mask of the output channel, and the change of the source channel can only be superimposed to the output channel by the change of the black part. The part of the output channel that changes is the white part of the source channel, in other words, the source channel changes are not reflected to itself, but superimposed to the output channel.

Verification: The above diagram, with the output channel red as an example, changes the number of three source channels to observe the RGB channel and red channel changes.

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