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Three years ago, I planned PC A product that is integrated with wireless networks. PC Send a short video to your mobile phone. 3G This is why we hope that mobile phone users can record "Video Text Messages" online and then send "Video Text Messages" to their friends and family's mobile phones to use this product, implement a new generation of "SMS ". The idea is wonderful. When I heard this idea for the first time, I was also excited. Imagine how much text messages will be sent to friends during the Spring Festival if some text messages are sent to friends via "Video Text Messages?

The product is easy to use: 1. Log on to the website and record the video. FLV Convert the video format 3G Format) ; 2. Enter your mobile phone number and the other's mobile phone number. 3. Click send. After the message is sent successfully, the system automatically deducts the fee from the sender's mobile phone. 2 The entire transaction ends. In terms of product functions and technology, the problem is not big; it will soon be developed. After the product was launched, we chose the "Internet cafe" Cooperation to Promote and send the product. Select Local 10 In a large Internet cafe, each Internet cafe has two promoters. Their job is to help users use products and issue leaflets. During the promotion for half a month, many people recorded the video, but few people successfully sent the video (as low 4% ); This is a completely failed promotion. Why did it fail? First, people who access the Internet in Internet cafes usually watch movies and play games. They are not very interested in such products, and users are completely directed at the small gift. Second, it has something to do with the recording environment. In public, I don't know what the camera says, even if I want to say a blessing. Finally, some mobile phones support the video recording function. Why should I use it? PC Recording and spending 2 How about sending a message for a dollar? It takes only a few cents to send MMS messages. In the end, we still don't know the user's needs, and it is not in line with the usage habits of mobile phone users.

In combination, it is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the product is not recognized by the market, and the demand is uncertain. The product market survey and analysis are not well done. It is entirely based on the "wishful thinking.

2. Limited by the external basic environment2GThe network cannot carry more video content;

Third: the entire operation team did not have a clear strategic thinking. without understanding the product intention, they rushed into battle, just passively accepting the task.

Fourth, the management's non-pragmatic assessment indicators left people "Baked. There is no foundation, and a refund will be made for sales.3000Tens of thousands. Even God~~~.

That's it. After several months of hard work, we are looking forward 3G Coming, hope 3G It was the result of saving lives. Before that time, the product died, and the department fell down until it was dissolved. After the smoke, what is the problem? The product is just an imaginary product, or simply a product based on trial and error ideas, but does not seriously study the market. It is related to the strategic deployment of the management layer, and is ideal but not pragmatic, in the hope that the four business units were established at the same time, the four eggs were broken and the hens were almost stewed.

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