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Every web designer has made painstaking efforts in the UI design. Even so, the lack of resources and narrow vision often make their painstaking efforts not optimistic. In fact, the UI
The design does not require closed doors. Many UI elements are universal. This article collects 20 sets of very front-end UI element libraries, most of which are post-modified PSD or SVG versions.

Modern web UI set (. PSD)

This UI library includes various UI elements from buttons, to gradient, to text, which are neatly stored in different directories.
Vector shard format. Any element in it can be modified.

Massive web UI & button set (. PSD)

This UI element library contains three styles: Crystal, gradient, monochrome, gradient, and 7 color combinations.

Web UI element pack (. PSD)

Contains 19 UI elements, from the loading progress bar, to the buttons, to the page number, to the slide bar.

Web UI wireframe kit (. PSD)

All the elements in this UI library are based on Photoshop vector patterns.

Browser form elements (. PSD)

If you want to design a browser, you will find this UI very useful (the design browser is very fashionable in China, isn't it ).

Web page elements (for omnigraffle)

This UI library contains almost all common web elements, headers, form elements, and icons.

Wireframe kit (Google drawings)

This is a set of UI libraries for Google drawing.

Sketching & wireframing kit (. AI,. EPS,. PDF
&. SVG)

This is a set of UI libraries used for prototype sketch design. They contain forms, icons, indicators, feedback messages, tooltip, navigation elements, image boxes, embedded videos, slide bars, and advertisements.
Banner, including illustrator and SVG vector formats.

Wireframe symbols (. AI)

This UI contains an illustrator Symbol Library and an illustrator file that can be used to create a design prototype.

Yahoo design stencils (. XML,. pdf,. SVG,. PNG and

Yahoo! I have contributed many good things to web designers, including the famous Yui framework and this set of UI
Element Library, including advertisement unit, calendar, chart, form, grid, menu, button, navigation, and so on, provides a variety of vector and non-vector formats.

Ext js V3.0 stenpencil (for omnigraffle)

This is a set of UI libraries for the famous JavaScript framework ext Js.

165 vector icons in 5 Colours (. AI,. jpg and. SVG)

This set of liquidicity massive icon library includes 5 different colors.

Flex 3 stencel (for omnigraffle)

Solid # e0e0e0; padding: 15px; "src =" http://speckyboy.specky.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/web_ui_13.jpg "alt =" ">

The flowchart UI contains a Flex 3-style panel, table, button, Link, menu, scroll bar, accordion menu, and tab.

Twitter widget stenpencil (for omnigraffle)

Ui image library related to Twitter.

Web designer Toolkit (. PSD)

This PSD format UI library contains a very clean Web element library.

Facebook gui (. PSD)

Well-known Facebook UI

Facebook applications (omnigraffle)

Solid # e0e0e0; padding: 15px; "src =" http://speckyboy.specky.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/web_ui_17a.jpg "alt =" ">

This UI library is very useful if you want to create a Facebook application.

Web elements kit (. PSD)

This Web element library contains 17 modules, each of which contains four colors.

Flex darkskin UI (. PSD)

Beautiful flex UI skin.

Web UI treasure chest

The Web element library is worth adding to the Favorites list, and the scrolling effect is very beautiful.


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Free Web UI element kits and stencils

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