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Just went to Ming Road site, the first notice is a girl in the work with the MBP seriously photos, the second glance to the page on a eye-catching slogan"only for better work", I think, this is not what I need! "Although this girl's image temperament does not conform to my aesthetic, but since it can better work, Do not say anything, hurriedly register!

Conveniently in the huge input box below to fill in my Gmail address for "free registration", after receiving the registered mail, click on the email " Activate my Ming account ", came to the so-called activation page, but this page and my expectations are really different, because it is not what activation account, but continue to register, and even asked to fill out a lot of enterprise information. Moreover, this so-called free registration was only one months of free experience of Advanced mode! Why didn't you make it clear before?

In order to avoid their own wronged good people, so I reopened the home page to see if it is their own operation of the problem. Sure enough, the original people this huge input box is provided to the enterprise users, no wonder the request to fill out a pile of corporate information. In other words, I really did not notice the input box and "enterprise" two words, look intently, found in the "Free Registration" button on the right side there is a line of small print, told me that the wooden enterprise mailbox can only walk this road, suddenly suddenly enlightened.

After clicking in, a line of conspicuous hints told me that I have supported any free email registration, I am very pleased. Can look down again, the more look more confused, support free mailbox, but only pay mode to manage other free mailbox users to join the network, that is to say I can only use one person, can not carry out team project management? If only for personal projects, I'm not sure if it's really necessary to use this product.

The bottom of this sentence let me the most confused, I registered will be free to use one months of advanced mode, that one months later? is the downgrade to low-level mode/Normal mode/free mode? If so, what's the difference between normal and advanced mode (Update: I finally found the answer on the beginner's page)? Or just freeze your account until you pay for it? Right, this Nima and I use "Enterprise Mailbox" registered what is the difference ah? Forget it, this registration process make my head big, No.

But I still have to say, I think Ming Road site color just right, and finally finished watching the introduction of the home Page video, Ming Road using their own team of small projects to demonstrate the characteristics of the product, function and logic, clear, although the video part of the team members of the portrait PS traces serious, but the film did a good job, afterward, If the registration process is more reasonable and the description of the text is clearer, I think I will at least sign up for a trial.

Finally, I do not come to the Black Ming Road, just record the whole feeling, actually I hope they do better, after all, if there is a good product (I am not sure, because I did not complete the registration), but let the registration process to block the user outside the door, it really does not strike. In addition, if there is Ming DAO people see me this article, I first apologized, especially for the girl who worked seriously, I do not malicious.

In addition, I wrote to the end, began to seriously doubt that they are not a bit nitpick, or that they have any problems, only to lead to feel that the registration experience is poor, the fact is I do not know, maybe really is, but this should not be important, Yange, Shang ~

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