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virus-type marketing of pictures

As the beginning of the article said, this is a very creative way of publicity, I believe that in a short time to bring the site a lot of traffic. The first impression of this image is the signature map that is often seen in the forum: a small cartoon character holding a sign with your IP address, operating system, and browser name. The content shown in this section is something that can be changed. It was fun and I didn't think I could do anything else. Later saw on the internet a very wide spread of the New Year's gold medal, you want to send the name of the person can be displayed in the picture of the gold medal, but also thought to be a master PS, and later found that only need to enter text. There is the banner on the Eiffel Tower, which is the same category. By the way, the most used in this kind of method, to upload pictures to play logo. Some of the first sites that use these methods get a lot of clicks from them. Some websites I know from these pictures, such as Haha168,pcpop and so on. But now many forums and websites are using this method, the role does not seem so obvious. Incidentally.

Ii. Promotion of the forum

This is not a forum to promote the forum is not a single version of the ad, also not add the website address in the signature and then the crazy brush screen, so that both the energy and effect is not good, the forum administrator can only click a few mouse will be able to delete your post all, and by the way to seal off your ID, and that the impact is bad, It's as disgusting as spam. One time in a forum to see a promotion of the site is much more sophisticated means. It's a small web site that offers job hunting and learning materials, their propaganda staff will be a variety of articles on the site to form a link, and classification put together, posted in various forums, so that it can bring convenience to some people in need, but also not because of too straightforward ads are deleted stickers, propaganda effect is much better. If you paste this information to a more consistent with their own positioning of the forum, you will be able to exchange a lot of clicks.

third, the blog's Alternative SEO

This is I in Webmaster Information forum to see, at that time feel really very creative, although drilling loopholes, but really very effective. The Netizen's discovery is quoted as follows: "Recently in the music industry's most popular two songs:" Mouse Love Rice "," Two Butterflies ", in Baidu Search the list, the two keyword Daily search volume: 1 mice Love rice ↑181993,2 two butterfly ↑111631, although Google does not have a list of popular keywords, But it can be inferred that the daily search volume of more than 100,000, but you go to google search these two keywords, will make you surprised, ranked on the home page is basically all a person's blog, I enumerate one ofhttp://www.donews.net/hudie/This person basically put the domestic free blog all applied, and his blog only the lyrics of these two songs plus a trial listenConnect to an addressThis connection is the site he wants to promote.  
You think, every day there are tens of thousands of people from Google into his blog, and then into his station, the station was established in July, from the November webmaster Use this method, the current day ranking at about 10000, very successful. Webmaster is drilled Google PR value of the loophole, as we all know, these provide free blog site PR value is very high, mostly in more than 6, so as long as appear in the blog hosting the keyword rankings are very close to the front, and the webmaster in his every blog has done other places to apply for the blog, to do the connection between , which would make his pages PR higher. This probably can be regarded as the alternative SEO in the blog.

This can be regarded as a website to promote the "heterodoxy", although not as good as search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and other orthodox methods brought about by the flow of effective, but for some small sites, or entertainment classes such as these sites, it is very effective. At the same time, as long as we are good at observation, we can also put these ideas into our own promotional programs, may play a huge role.

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