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Recently, the small set resigned from the previous SEO work, want to find a good point of the company, so in Shenzhen this huge place to start looking for their own company. For himself, there is only more than a year of experience, all rely on their own exploration and learning experience gained. I will share some of these one months time to find some SEO work.

 One: Positioning a good company

Generally speaking, you have to think about the industry you enter, the size of the company and so on. If it is a small company, then they certainly will not let you just SEO optimization, but also need to work as art, operation and maintenance sites and so on. For such a company, if you are small white, is a good exercise, the prerequisite is someone to lead. Choose a favorite industry, you can let yourself more interested to work, so we apply for SEO optimization do not worry, first positioning a good company, and then search according to the scope, can quickly find the target.

 Two: not to fight unprepared "war"

For our seoer, when you locate a good company, and then cast your resume with a phone call for an interview, we need to be prepared beforehand, not to fight unprepared battles, and not to let go of any chance of entering the company. What should we prepare? In fact, you must first understand what this company is doing, the company's Web site at present some of the data, analysis of what is the lack of his site, if you are asked to optimize what you need to do. There is also the preparation of their own cases, the work done before the results and so on.

 Three: Communicate to find the punctuality

People generally have such a sense, is to do the technology does not how to communicate and express, will only use the case to speak. In fact, communication in the interview is also very important, we face those HR problems, not generalities, to accurately find the right point. A slightly larger company will have technical and HR supervisors to communicate with you, and when faced with different supervisors, we should have a strategy. It is important to find the right point, in the face of the personnel director we should say to be straightforward, say to let not understand the technology can understand you want to express the meaning. In the face of the technical director, this time will need to use data and their own achievements to speak, fully show what they are good at.

Four: The case is punished also don't panic

Each one of us is not our own case is successful, search engine optimization is inherently uncertain. We can withstand the Baidu rankings toss, to such a problem we should also need to calm to treat. When you face HR to ask your case for punishment, this time we can say our previous website to optimize the rankings, after being punished oneself do some things, from this punishment of the process of their own summed up some experience. When you can articulate these, you can also explain your ability.

If you are still looking for SEO this job, hope this article is helpful to you, let you know how we should deal with some problems. Personally suggest that we still apply for those large companies better, (Shi series of articles) you can learn in the system, so that when you come out, you can also lead a team in a company. In the face of large-scale company interview, the general question is: SEO project implementation, seo some ideas, what is right, what is wrong. Never test the interviewer's IQ, say some not reliable words, would rather say that they do not know, do not say that they understand, if the interviewer is a very experienced person, he clearly knows what kind of person he needs to complete his team, when you say words, may be to cut off their own bridges.

Anyway, I still hope that every one of us can find the company we like, and we can seoer the most value in our company. We should have our own insights, maintain a team-work mentality, and strive to learn, and the existing site including competitors to understand the level of these will be knocking on the door of SEO professional key. In the end still want to bless us still looking for work friends, can find a good SEO work. This content by www.shishenmew.com network release A5, if need to reprint, please specify the source, thank you!

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