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SEO work, there is a very important post: Network editor. Content of the highly original and readability of the site in the SEO site optimization process in the rankings play a big role. The website edits in the work process, all needs unceasingly summarizes, unceasingly enterprising. It is one thing to do and not to do, to do and to do well is another thing. The same is true for network editors. Only the continuous summary, to find a new breakthrough, as a network editor, after working a few months of you, whether to do the following points.

1, the weight of your site how. Whether every day plus articles are included. If not, then you have to analyze why not included. is the weight problem. is a structural problem. is a server issue. or the article question.

2. The articles you add every day are found from there. Online article a big copy, copy also want to copy the level. from which to copy. How to copy. How to copy. For example: Have a peer site is good, you can learn every day (copycat, but a bit not authentic) professional knowledge to strengthen: books, the network more to see and learn.

3, than when the beginning of editing, the ability of language organization is improved. Whether it will "blow", will "make up".

4, you are every day to study the articles you add those included, those confiscated records, those articles generated traffic, those articles did not generate traffic. Those are the words that generate traffic. why are these words searched?

5, you add the article generated traffic. Is there any further research into the words that have been transformed? (Other people search your website, there is no consultation), why some words have flow can not produce consultation, and some words may produce consultation.

6, your article title and text in accordance with the standardization of SEO added, whether the effect has been produced. According to the Internet, leaders, colleagues said, whether there are written standards can be broken, such as: keyword density must be controlled in a range. Dare to test the truth, break the law!

7, whether to feel the article written to write so much, and then find is repeated. There's no place to go. In fact, there is no place to find, but not in-depth to find, there are always methods, such as Baidu under: Keywords + Latest date

8, 3-6 months is the website editor willing to share your experience every day, willing to communicate with colleagues, share your joy? If not sharing the spirit can only explain two: first, you did not learn anything, so there is nothing to share, two, you are more selfish self.

9, you have begun to build in the research site, SEO, SEM, website operation, bidding. If not, you're still out of the editorial stage! If so, you have the potential to move towards senior editors, supervisors, and SEO.

10, the last point is important, the same editor, whether you play an important role in your project.

This is the Zhengzhou SEO according to the internet turned over, the purpose is to allow visitors to this site editor can look at this article, improve yourself.

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