A few reflections on the resignation of a Huawei entrepreneur

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A Huawei who has worked in Huawei for 6 years, 2 years ago, with a vision of a bigger career, the author and several friends left Huawei, hoping to make a way to start a business. From the communication People's Home forum:

After two years, the author's entrepreneurial experience is like a dog blood drama, all kinds of drama in the classic bridge section is happening to him. The author of the two years of entrepreneurship in the process of all kinds of reflection summed up as the following 14 points, hoping to have a desire to start a business or a friend in the business of some inspiration.

  1, do not replace the employment of entrepreneurship

Over the past two years, I have felt that my friends around me, especially the growing number of Huawei friends, have started to think about entrepreneurship. In fact, suitable for business people should not be many, most of them do not have a good way or good prospects, just to start a business, on the contrary, is in the company, want to start a business.

This is a big problem.

A year ago, in the most difficult time of my business, a friend, jumped out of Huawei in Shanghai, a company in the Director of the representative office, gave me a phone call to start a business, I asked why, he said: "Too much!" "You are the Director also suffer, have you ever thought that after the business is not affected?" "I also know him, I said, wait for you to spend nearly 10,000 yuan when the poor, you know the love."

  2. To have sufficient cash reserves

Entrepreneurial people have a few characteristics, the first is to hit the chicken blood, everyone's mood, confidence hundred feet, as if rich soon, think 1 years in the balance, after the count of money. Unexpectedly, the difficulties appeared in front of the eyes: The company's cash is not enough. Very simple, everyone did not own the company, estimates are optimistic. The entrepreneurial team should do a good job in 2 years or even a point not to earn, will not affect the mood and the preparation of family life.

I have a technical origin of the friend also came out to start a business, the development of their own in the years of accumulation are taken out to buy a bit of equipment, there is nothing left. Do a little software, no one buy. The beginning of the 9 months are optimistic, later, on the worry.

After starting a business, no one will pay the card.

  3, market research is the premise of success, no accurate investigation is a failure

When starting a business, the market is big. After starting a business, the market is very small. Our estimate of the size of the market is our own judgment, from the non-practical research. Market research is not to use Baidu and Google to search, not IDC report. To do industry research, from the point of view of sales progress, from the point of view of the contract, step by step performance.

  4, the team is important, good team to sell noodles at least to earn money, poor team in front of the gold fight up

Before watching the training of Yu Shivi, he first said: To learn and partners, Wang Zuo severed arm. I was thinking, how do I say this first? Now I think that they really opened 20 companies. In the entrepreneurial process, the partner problem is the biggest problem, in the face of interest, you have been familiar with people will make you very surprised.

  5, for the unfamiliar industry, to pay tuition preparation

When everyone decided to start a business, only thought of success, and even some people say in the future in Shenzhen Science Park next to which hotel set a few tables are thought of. Is no one think: if you lose it? Huawei is familiar with the industry, are big investment in big output, we can not afford. Choose a business, but we are familiar with it? No. At this time, if only by some network digest to judge the size of the market, at the start of the loss has been more than half.

  6. Don't move the Huawei set

Small companies are doing things, taking a project to make money to survive. Every day is supposed to be the small team of this few people how to develop, rather than the first opportunity to instill in the company's thinking of Huawei:

  7, the shareholder should have a high degree of tacit understanding

When you want to start a business, you meet a few people and think about a few things that are crucial to the outcome later on. People meet right, things to find the right, entrepreneurship is half the success. Conversely, at the beginning of the time can be foreseen in the following results.

Entrepreneurship, is the future of a few people tied together, everyone is taking the risk. At this time, can we share a common boat? Can Gandanxiangzhao? If this can't be done, it's a bit difficult. The partnership is dangerous if we are not very familiar with it and do not have many things to do.

  8. Is the pattern of interest distribution clear

General start-up companies within the distribution of interests are not clear, until the money came in, who speak the right to listen to WHO. Then, everyone will rob the power of speech, do not go to work. According to share allocation is only one aspect, in addition to shares, there are sales incentives, then how much to do the sales award? How much do you take to share dividends? People who do not sell want to make a bigger share of the dividend, and the people who do the sales want to make the sales bigger. There was no distribution at first, and then there was a quarrel.

In fact, there is not much money, we are in the virtual interests of the shape of the present, this is an entrepreneurial must pass.

  9. Product

is the product self-developed or acting for others? What if we developed it, compared to our competitors? If you are acting for others, what is the price? We eat a loss, the price is not a definite figure, but the upstream company's boss promised, we share a profit, throw away the production costs, everyone on the points. What is the cost of production? Very low and very low. For example, material cost + product depreciation, and so on, the calculation is about a few dollars, and they also verbally admitted that about a few dollars, we feel good profits. Later, waiting for the boat, and then look at Bargeman's face? That's not a few bucks, it's dozens of bucks. A product unit price is to sell 100, planing off 30, left 70, half the profit is 35, and then planing off the project operating costs, has been operating a meager profit.

Originally a professional market, do not many people, we want to rely on the ability to win sales, because the upstream company is also weak, no independent development of the market's determination and ability, which would have been very good things. Spent half a year, have a breakthrough, took the list, to the accounts, Bargeman abacus beads A phala, there is only a point. If there is a market, the future is also his, because the customer information he has.

  10, the market is not familiar with? Not familiar with the market, first prepare the tuition.

The unfamiliar market is bound to pay tuition. This point, many people are lucky. For example, I now have a friend just out of business, ready to do financial business, his investment is not small, he also thought: I am ready to be full, I should not ...

is sure to be.

Due to the history of the work, we are not familiar with the Huawei operator market and customers, our own team also does not have the technical staff, also did not choose the operator market, did not go independent research and development of the road, we chose a professional market, we are not familiar with the market itself. We want to open up the market with standard corporate behavior such as market research, recruiters, marketing, etc.

The tuition began to be slowly handed in.

Market research: Unfamiliar, there is no internal information, nor insiders understand, from the network to understand. It turned out to be the worst part of the process. The starting point of the failure.

Recruiter: Not familiar with the industry, do not know what kind of person is in the line, just started to recruit a person, think still can. It turns out that teammates are important.

Marketing: Not familiar with the industry, customer habits, procurement practices, etc. are unfamiliar.

  11. Customer Relationship

Are there any customer relationships at the start of a business? It is ideal to start a business with a more reliable customer relationship. If there is no customer relationship, it is not optimistic to start a business in a blank market, especially today's market. Without a customer relationship, it means that the industry does not have a wife, there is no his guidance, it means that entrepreneurs do not have the expertise to start a business.

  12, or the product

What is the quality of the product? Can we stabilize the supply? Bargeman when he blew his technology on the day, we do not understand, can only believe, but also found a cornucopia. Later, there is a large series of products he can not do, only OEM, so there is no profit. He said when you are big I do again, but the OEM came in, a lot of problems, to customers feel bad, how can the volume? Then we know the knowledge: The quantity is big, he also does not master this technology, does not come out. It's all tuition. And he is good at the product, due to financial problems, raw material problems, can not be normal supply, is also a problem. For the unfamiliar market, he wants to rely on technology, we want to sell ability to enter, it turns out: all need to do a lot of work, need all aspects of conditions, success is not accidental.

  13, entrepreneurship depends on whether the family is suitable

If married, the question can be simplified as to whether the family has a lover who is suitable for entrepreneurship.

I have a friend, more than 10 years ago, young couple selling pu ' er tea, they started early, dug the first bucket of gold. They had a few tea-tea, and the days were very moist. Sister-In-IAW is the Sichuan people, originally in the bank when staff, very introverted, did not think of IS, life has her experience into a competent boss. She later in charge of tea business, brother-in-law to do it business, this is something not table. This is the right pair for startups.

On the contrary, it is not. Some women have strong personalities and some women have weak personalities. If the other half is not suitable for the life of entrepreneurship, then entrepreneurship is indeed a torment. At first, because everyone is optimistic about the entrepreneurial prospects, the mood is ruin your buzz, they are difficult to stop. When things go wrong, when you get home, a new life begins. Complain, complain, Pique, develop to quarrel. When the facts prove that the quarrel is justified, the quarrel will only escalate more and more. If the other half is not suitable, entrepreneurship will be affected, which is a factor and may not be a small factor. She would have a direct impact on the decision, such as the partner, who was influenced by the family and chose to stay on the sidelines rather than resign. His words, for a new start of the business, for a newly formed small team, it is impossible to say that there is no impact.

  14. The power of capital involvement

Originally did not think, ordinarily this small company started also no one to invest, but fell through a. In front of the capital, in front of money, many people and things will change, said the earthquake is not too.

Eldest brother needs money, he has no cash, there is a partner a bit of a relationship, as if there is a background, to introduce him to an investor, the investor plus the intermediate introducer came 8, the scene inspected two times, a great deal of the posture. This brings an earthquake to our small team.

A huge amount of money will come to the upstream company, some products will be smooth out, investment companies to help us sell, the prospects. Everybody showdown, some contradictions also bear, the money has not seen, the showdown of things have been quickly put on the table. In the face of benefits and money, what friends, colleagues, entrepreneurial partners, are very pale.

It was a huge blow, after all, that the big sums were gone. Think of is also black humor, a few partners high-spirited quarrel, sounding excuses, the calculation, all because of a fictitious investment commitment.

A few reflections on the resignation of a Huawei entrepreneur

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