A few steps to disable U disk automatically play

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Mobile hard disk Check to the USB port will automatically play, especially when the mobile hard disk is divided into n areas, to manually one of the turn off, it is very troublesome! How can we solve this problem? Here are some ways to turn off the mobile hard disk or U disk Auto playback method for your reference:

1. Shift key Method

This method has been used in Windows98, right? It's like, anyway, I used this method when I turned off the CD automatically. When you insert a removable hard drive, hold down the SHIFT key and the hard drive will not play automatically.

2. Policy Group Closure method

When panda incense was popular in the last few days, the internet spread the use of a policy group to turn off the mobile hard disk or U disk automatically shut down the function of the method. Click Start-Run, type "gpedit.msc" in the Open box, click OK, and open the Group Policy window. In the left pane under Local Computer Policy, expand Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-system, and then, under the settings heading in the right pane, double-click turn off AutoPlay. Click the Settings tab, select the Enabled Check button, and then in the Close AutoPlay box, click All drives, click OK, and finally close the Group Policy window.

3. Close Service Law

In My Computer, click the right mouse button, select Manage, find services and applications-services in Computer Management open, and then locate the Shell Hardware detection service in the right pane, which is the function of providing notifications for AutoPlay hardware events, double-clicking it, In status, click the Stop button, and then modify the startup type to Disabled or manual on it.

4. Disk Operation method

This method works for Windows XP and is easy to use. Open "My Computer", in the "hard drive" or "have Removable storage device" below will see your letter, the general mobile hard disk will be in the "hard drive", u disk or digital camera or something in the "have Removable storage devices." Right-click the disk that you want to turn off AutoPlay, select Properties, select the AutoPlay tab in the form that pops up, where users can set up different ways of doing things for music files, pictures, video files, mixed content, and music CD, and choose not to perform action "Disables the Autorun feature, and" OK "setting takes effect immediately. This method is also used for the DVD/CD drive.

5. Registration Form Method

The registry is a hassle, general Icech is not recommended to use the registry to modify. But in order to gather together the article or write it, hehe.

Open Registry Editor, expand to the [Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexploer] primary key, and locate in the right pane. NoDriveTypeAutoRun ", that is, this key determines whether to perform CDROM or hard disk autorun functions.

NoDriveTypeAutoRun This key determines whether to perform the Autorun function. Each of these represents a device, and the different devices are represented by the following values:

Device name a few numerical devices indicate the meaning of a device name using the following values

Drive_unknown 0 1 01H Unrecognized type device

Drive_no_root_dir 1 0 02H drive with no root directory

Drive_removable 2 1 04H removable drive

Drive_fixed 3 0 08H Fixed Drive

Drive_remote 4 1 10H Network drive

Drive_cdrom 5 0 20H Optical Drive

Drive_ramdisk 6 0 40H RAM disk

The above value "0" indicates that the device is running and "1" indicates that the device is not running.

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