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Notebook products have become a more common consumer electronics, as the use of the notebook has been a number of people, some users are now using a notebook is often run slowly, too much noise, the body overheating and other problems, how can be their own notebook to get rid of these "trouble"? Let's introduce you to a few simple solutions.

To solve the problem, the first thing to do is to understand the problem, now affect the notebook operation of the main factors in the following three aspects:

1. Long time to use the system disk is invalid, too many garbage files, read time-consuming. As a general operating system for laptops is windows, because of the characteristics of the operating system, in processing files, browsing the Web page will always produce some unnecessary cache files, a long time, occupy the system disk too much space, thus affecting the entire system's operating efficiency.

▲ More system disk data will affect running speed

2. After a long period of use, the internal dust accumulation of the fuselage is excessive, resulting in the cooling performance drop. Laptop Portable performance is its biggest feature, but because the fuselage space is too close, heat dissipation is often the shortcoming of the notebook, when the use of long after the tuyere and fan parts will certainly have a large number of dust accumulation, resulting in cooling performance caused by the internal heat is too high, the processor due to overheating and to reduce frequency protection, The natural properties will also decline.

▲ too much dust in the fashion will reduce the thermal performance of the Notebook

3. The service life of the internal components of the fuselage. Because notebook products are consumer electronic products, constitute its internal electronic devices have the use of life, the normal use of loss is inevitable, for the general use of notebook 3-5 years, the device's aging will affect the overall performance, will naturally affect the overall performance.

▲ The aging of electronic devices is also a major factor affecting the speed of the notebook

By introducing these problems that affect the speed of the notebook, we should have a preliminary understanding of how to solve these problems effectively enough.

The reason for the system temporary file retention, there may be many: for the general program, may be installed to half of the program, due to human factors or unexpected things lead to interruption, similar to the virtual CD-ROM software requirements restart, in the system restart the program itself crashes, and for IE, in the hard disk to save the cache of Web pages, When browsing the same site later, ie do not have to download the relevant web page resources from the remote and so on.

These temporary files are mainly stored in C:windowstemp, click to run, input%temp% can also be opened, where most of the files are hidden files, because the storage system disk, so in the deletion should be careful, do not cause unnecessary trouble. Here I recommend using some simple third-party software for processing.

▲ The system disk capacity is too large mainly due to excessive temporary files caused by

The most convenient software is the master of Windows optimization, in addition to the deletion of temporary files, there are many items to optimize the function of the computer, timed to use it to clean and optimize the computer, you can better maintain the performance of the Notebook.

▲windows Optimization Master is a good compatibility of the optimization software

In addition to these, modifying Windows ' own options, using Windows's own disk defragmentation, will have a certain amount of effect, the following is the method of disk defragmentation, in the Start menu attachment options, click the System tools into the Disk Defragmenter, click on the entry will automatically operate.

▲ Select disk fragment cleanup in attachment options to optimize the system

If the above method is not very effective, users can also consider reinstalling the system, but in the installation should be careful to back up their own important files and computer drivers.

Noise, the use of some warm, often a restart, and so on, this is your notebook cooling performance of the warning, the best way is to clear the ash.

Clear Ash is relatively simple, if your notebook is still under warranty, you can find the relevant customer service to clean up, in fact some notebooks themselves can also do some simple cleaning, the following introduce some typical notebook cleaning method:

The first is relatively simple: the back of the notebook will have a support for rapid removal of the baffle, found and removed, we can see the simple internal structure and the main cooling area layout, mainly clean the fan parts can be.

▲ The main heat dissipation parts can be seen to be cleaned easily after disassembly

Some manufacturers ' notebooks are not easy to disassemble, although the second type of notebook can be removed, but the main cooling parts are not visible, it needs to be the back of the screws removed from the keyboard surface after the removal of dust, if this is recommended to the user himself to the designated repair site to repair, so more protection.

▲ the back can be removed but the main heat dissipation parts are not visibly exposed just to facilitate the upgrade use

The last one is completely closed on the back, the need for the entire demolition, we recommend to the designated repair site for dust removal.

▲ The back is a whole disassembly is required to remove the overall difficulty of larger

Use about 3 years of notebook also basically completed their mission, hardware damage is unavoidable, at this time we had better replace a new notebook.

As a hardware, there is also a way to improve the overall speed of the notebook, our notebook running the main time wasted on the hard disk for data reading, and CPU processing and memory processing time for the data is very short, then want to improve the overall performance of the notebook hardware, Using SSD solid-state drives is a good choice, but it's expensive, and if your computer is too old, or if you don't have too many budgets, it's not recommended to change.

▲ Solid state disk SSD can efficiently improve the operating rate of the notebook

Summary: For today's notebook users, more or less will encounter some notebook running the above problems, if it is a small problem, can be completely resolved by the user, it is best to use their own notebook when more attention to maintenance, using some 3rd party software to do some maintenance on the things, This will ensure that your notebook is running well for a certain period of time.

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