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I. Suggestions from my boss:

I am not serious about doing things, and I am not full enough to devote myself to my work. If it is your favorite job, you should devote yourself to it. If not, please contact your boss or friends;

As a technician, you must train it into a non-repetitiveCodeAlways remember;

Efforts are required to do everything, and success or failure will result in great gains.

2. My advice from the Manager:

1. Being unable to do anything is perfect.
Especially in the early stage, in more cases, it is necessary to continuously reconstruct and iterate to perfect. There is a good idea. As long as the direction is good, there is a certain amount of data support and case support, we can propose it to the leaders. We don't need to wait until the demo has been completed, at this time, it is likely that the opportunity has been lost.

2. learn to stand on your top level to think about problems
Learn to listen to leaders. From the perspective of your higher level, you can understand what he says, what he does, and think about why from the perspective of your higher level. One day, you will be in that position, and you will be more relaxed.

3. Do not compare with others
Always compare with yourself and do things with your best abilities. Do not compare with your classmates or your friends. Just make yourself happy and comfortable. Do what you can do. Be confident and optimistic.

4. Cultivate children's character
The cultivation of Children's character is very important. We must cultivate them into confident, optimistic, and responsible people.

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