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At present, although the number of search engines are already very rich, but the main source of traffic is still rely on Baidu, the author has done statistics, in the same keyword rankings Google and Baidu and search for comparison of the flow of the source percentage, is generally Baidu accounted for 60%, Google accounted for 30% and search only about 10% of the antecedents, So at present we SEO main center let on Baidu. But a lot of webmasters have met the new station submitted after Baidu delay not included in the situation, looking at Google and other search engines included more and more, and Baidu is not included in a page, this is why why? Today, a fish to give us an analysis of the reasons, I hope this article for everyone useful!

1: The site may be in the observation period

What is the site observation period, this is actually a unique Baidu search engine algorithm, popular will be that Baidu is included in the site will first a series of observation of the site. Then in the end Baidu this during the observation of what? Oh, the main observation or whether your website server is stable, the site is regularly updated every day, the content of the site is collected or duplicated. The general observation period in 15 days--30 days, in this period of time if your site daily update stability, server stability, that basically passed, this time you will be waiting for Baidu every day to collect your page!

2: The website content has the question

Baidu recently strengthened the collection site review, if your station from the beginning of the collection content does not make a little change will cause Baidu not included phenomenon. However, there are also web site content meaningless and other reasons will not be included. Remember that every day to update the article is not the amount of less, as long as it is false original or original articles, even if you update only 5 articles a day than you collect 50 articles the same article strong. Easy to include words, it is best to create a static content page, because you know, hehe, if the conditions are good best all station static.

3: Home page is included but not included in the pages

What's the reason? I have also met this kind of problem, at that time was quite distressed, because looking at the home page has been included for several days and content pages are not included in a really a little flustered. Then I analyzed why Baidu is not included in the reason suddenly beginnings Dawu, I was in order to fill the contents of the page in the lower part of each page have added the same text description (introduction of a product description, here is not to say out, so as to avoid ad suspicion) is this text to let my inner page is Baidu mistakenly think is the content of all repeat, So that is not included, in the discovery of the problem after I made a timely improvement, not out of the author's expectation, the next day Baidu has included more than 20 pages in one breath. So when there are similar problems must be combined with their own site to make analysis and quickly correct.

4: Outside the chain quantity influence collects quantity

Outside the chain as a attract Baidu spider artifact, has been well received by the Webmaster's favorite. A lot of webmaster, especially novice webmaster, they lack some basic knowledge of SEO, so they are only busy after construction to add content and ignore the important new outside the chain. Why some sites in just submitted to Baidu within 1 days of the time is included, in addition to its content is very strong outside that is outside the chain of credit.

About why Baidu is not included in our site there are many reasons, such as your domain name has been K before, or your site structure problem keyword selection has problems, a fish here will not make a detailed analysis. Due to the time relationship, today's analysis to here, thank you for your support!

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