A folder If there are 50,000 pictures to open the impact of the speed of the big? Solution

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A folder If there are 50,000 pictures to open the speed of the impact of large?
I was going to do a classified storage, but it just couldn't be done. If all the pictures are in one folder so many images have a big impact on the display speed?

If a program call picture is displayed on a Web page, the key factor that affects the display speed is the IO of the disk

Recommend classification put it better

I'm used to automatically create folders by month, generally the number of pictures under each folder should not exceed 1k
If each of your pictures (size) is basically very large, the first IO overhead is greater, to display on the page, the picture is too large to display will be slow, and even may not be loaded! Suggest your words or classify store it! If the use of the site, if the picture will be added later, you can use a separate server storage!
50,000 sheets of Influence
If you are using a program to open a file of the specified name, or to access the specified file through Apache, it should be OK.

If you browse to this folder with a file management tool like WinSCP, you're dead.

In short, direct access to files is not a problem, it is bad to refer to the file list.
200 sheets and 500 can feel the difference, not to mention 50,000 photos
5w Zhang?
You get a 10k figure copy 5,000 copies open the test test.
What do you mean by opening it? If it is browsing, it must be slow. Suggested sub-folders. If it is a Web read display, access is not very frequent, OK. The money is on the server
Slow to feel the crash
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