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Total number is: 102

Python basics:
Python basics 31 [_ XXX _ function]
Python basics 31 [docstring]
Python basics 31 [help () to view help]
Python basics 31 [list + tuple + set + dict + STR + file member method]
Python basics 31 [Python ide eclipse + pydev]
Python basics 31 [Python built-in function list]
Python basics 31 [Python installation in Linux]
Python basics 31 [compiling Python programs using visualstudio2010]
Python basics 31 [installation and helloworld]
Python basics 31 [Introduction to common modules]
Python basics 31 [Data Structure list + tuple + set + dictionary]
Python syntax 31 [iterator and generator + yield]
Python syntax 31 [Keywords + builtins + modules]
Python syntax 31 [module/package + import]
Python syntax 31 [print and format of string]
Python syntax 31 [with to automatically release objects]
Python syntax 31 [function]
Python syntax 31 [Package Module instance]
Python syntax 31 [variable scope + Global]
Python syntax 31 [basic data types and process control]
Python syntax 31 [Exception Handling]
Python syntax 31 [Reference and copy]
Python syntax 31 [Class]
Python syntax 32 [Comparison between global and nonlocal]
Python syntax 32 [decorator]
Python syntax 32 [closure]

Python Class Library:
Python class library 26 [helloworld of pyside]
Python class library 26 [web2py and MVC]
Python class library 26 [Introduction to web2py]
Python class library 26 [basic concepts of web2py]
Python class library 26 [url ing for web2py]
Python class library 26 [Read and Write Excel]
Python class library 26 [Read and Write MySQL]
Python class library 31 [Dom + sax parsing XML and HTML]
Python class library 31 [xml rpc instance]
Python class library 31 [httplib2 processes http get and post]
Python class library 31 [logging]
Python class library 31 [Python libpath]
Python class library 31 [use SAX to parse XML]
Python class library 31 [Use minidom to read and write XML]
Python class library 31 [use XML. etree. elementtree to read and write XML]
Python class library 31 [compression and decompression]
Python class library 31 [command line parsing]
Python class library 31 [file and directory OS + OS. Path + shutil]
Python class library 31 [time and date]
Python class library 31 [Regular Expressions]
Python class library 31 [sub of Regular Expressions]
Python class library 31 [Regular Expression matching instance]
Python class library 31 [read and write files]
Python class library 31 [read environment variables]
Python class library 31 [process subprocess]
Python class library 31 [process subprocess and pipeline pipe]
Python class library 32 [multithreading]
Python class library 32 [multi-thread synchronization lock + rlock + semaphore + event]
Python class library 32 [multi-process]
Python class library 32 [multi-process sharing advanced manager]
Python class library 32 [multi-process synchronization lock + semaphore + event]
Python class library 32 [multi-process communication queue + pipe + value + array]
Python class library 32 [serialization and deserialization of pickle]
Python class library 32 [execute External commands]

Python instance:
Python instance 26 [sendemail]
Python instance 26 [controls that write logs to files and display logs to the UI at the same time]
Python instance 26 [query attributes of modified files]
Python instance 26 [calculate MD5]
Python instance 26 [verify whether the user exists on the LDAP server]
Python instance 31 [my stock info]
Python instance 31 [urllib. Request. urlopen get stock information]
Python instance 31 [list all files in the directory to TXT]
Python instance 31 [Folder cleanup]
Python instance 31 [generate a password]
Python instance 31 [automatically mount a virtual disk]
Python instance 31 [parsing buildlog]
Python instance 32 [glob + rmtree to delete directories and subdirectories and all files under them]
Python instance 32 [simple httpserver]

Python tips:
Python tip 26 [install and create an egg package for python]
Python tip 26 [STR + Unicode + codecs]
Python tip 31 [3 methods for python dynamic loading module]
Python tip 31 [Python tip2]
Python tip 31 [pythontips1]
Python tip 31 [using Enum in Python]
Python tip 31 [encoding and STR Decode of a python file]
Python tip 31 [Unicode and bytes]
Python tip 31 [Determining the operating system type]
Python tip 31 [object equality | dictionary switchcase simulation]
Python tip 31 [file type + package EXE]
Python tip 31 [port python2.x to 3.x]
Python tip 31 [Call WebService]
Python tips 32 [common tips]

Other Python:
Python distributed + cloud computing
Python reprint [encoding specifications]
Time conversion between various languages in Python
Python Summary
Python translation [advanced sorting]
Python Materials
Python reprint [Rsync algorithm]
Python reprint [Regular Expression Guide]
Python reprint [encoding problem]

By itech
Source: http://itech.cnblogs.com/

Python Basic installation:

* Http://www.python.org/official pythondevelopment kit and support environment are also official websites of python;
* Http://www.activestate.com/integrate multiple plug-ins. This is especially true for Windows environments;

Python documentation:

Http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/lib.htmlpythondatabase reference manual.
* Http://www.byteofpython.info/can be used as a substitute for tutorial. the original Chinese version of the book is available.
* Http://dive?python.org/a comprehensive and easy-to-understand book, the most recent progress of Chinese translation is very timely 5.4.
* Http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0008.htmlsuggested python style.
* Http://doc.zoomquiet.org/package provides a comprehensive documentation in python.
Http://rgruet.free.fr/PQR25/PQR2.5.html function reference manual

Common plug-ins:

* Timeout;
* Http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/python's image processing database pil;
* Http://simpy.sourceforge.net/use pythonto simulate the solution;
* Matplotlib is said to be a python module used to draw 2D images. It clones many functions in MATLAB to help Python users easily obtain high-quality (published) 2D images;
* Encryption extension for http://www.amk.ca/python/code/cryptopython;
* Http://cjkpython.i18n.org/ the function of supporting cjklanguages that are closely related to pythonsupports the class of Code Conversion Function.
* Psyco and Pyrex: two solutions to improve Python code running efficiency;
* Pyflakes, pychecker, and pylint are all tools used for Python code syntax check.
* Timeout;
* Timeout;
* Timeout. Other tasks that can complete Python scripts to executable files include gordonmcmillan's sinstaller, freeze for Linux, py2app, and setuptools. However, such tools may have some compatibility issues with some modules, and need to be tested now.
* Embedded Database: Python version of berkeleydb, of course, there are many others.
* Peak provides some basic and important class libraries for the super-lightweight thread framework.

Some common tools:

* Timeout.
* Python sidebar for mozillafirefox provides a sidebar for viewing Python documents and function libraries.
* Ipython is a very useful pythonshell. The wxpython release also comes with several tools, including pycrust, pyshell, pyalacarte, and pyalamode, which are graphical shell and code editor. They have different features and can be selected based on your needs.
* Easy install: easy-to-use solution for quick installation of Python modules.


Recommended resources:

* The huge python code library under the vault of Parnassus is all-encompassing. You can download the code reference from the above, and it is also a large list of Python-related programs.
* The famous Python community of the python star travel ship, including codes, documents, and experts.
* Faqts.com's Python programming knowledge database Python programming knowledge base is a python-related programming problem and solution.
* The Python open-source community of woodpecker is famous (or the best.

Sample Code:

* Timeout.

Other things:

The ghost Library (wxpython for graphic interfaces) has a wiki page about this: http://www.postneo.com/postwiki/moin.cgi/pythonforseries60. The python4symbian page records my usage experience.
* Pyre: Can Python be used to meet the high-performance computing requirements? No research yet.
* Parallel Python: a pure Python parallel computing solution. Chinese Reference page
* Pexpect: Using python as a shell tool to control other command line programs (such as standard FTP and telnet programs in Linux) has not been tested for availability.
* Pyjamas: Python clone of Google GWT, which is still in the early version stage.
* Durus: Python object database.


* Howie: a msn chatbot implemented in Python.
* Cankiri: A screen recorder implemented using a Python script.


* Zdnet: essential resources for learning Python
* Pythonic web application platform comparison
* Experience in image processing in wxpython (in fact, using wxpython alone can also complete a lot of basic image processing work. For details, see section 12th in wxpythonin action)
* Using the Win32 extension interface to obtain the list of system processes using Python
* How to obtain the directory location of the Python script
* Indentation of Python
* Problems encountered during py2exe usage
* Idle Chinese support problems
* Serialize and store Python objects

Python ide

My ide selection experience

* Http://www.xored.com trustudio is an eclipse-based plug-in that supports both Python and PHP. It used to be my favorite pythonide environment, and its functions are quite complete, but some details are not perfect, so it is not easy to use.
* Timeout.
Http://www-900.ibm.com/?works/cn/opensource/osecant/index.shtmluse eclipse and ant for python Development
* Http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/eric3.htmlERIC3 Based on QT to achieve a good pythonide, support debugging, support Automatic completion, and even support refactoring, Once In Debian to use it, but the graphical interface development is mainly to assist QT, I prefer wxpython, so I finally gave up on this.
* Http://www.scintilla.org/the source code editors of winos and linuxare supported at the same time. It seems that pythonfile editing is supported.
* Http://boa-constructor.sourceforge.net/the Python ide Based on wxpythonquickly generated by gui, but the development progress is too bad ......
* Timeout.
* Http://www.stani.be/python/spe SPE: known as a fullfeatured editor that integrates wxglade to support GUI Design.

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