A form validation class that you wrote yourself

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Form Validation Class Usage Description:

myvalidation Class Usage Description: The current implementation function: Form form of non-null validation and mobile phone number validation default pop-up prompt box, the content of the prompt box is preferred: input corresponds to lable text+"cannot be empty"second choice: the placeholder field of input is therefore guaranteed at least one of the above is the intended use of the warning content:1, the JSP page introduces the Myvalidation.js file2, delete all JSP page onclick= of the original submit button"xxx.submit (); event3, Form form field is not empty: corresponding field plus class:required4, Form form fields are phone number format, corresponding field plus class:phonenum5If it is through the type= inside the form formsubmit button, after step 1, no other changes required6, if you raise the price by using the Click event of a button outside the form form, after step 1, you also need to add the Class:form-submit;data-form value for the button to the Name property of the corresponding form

Form Validation class source code

function IsNull (domelement) {if(domelement==NULL|| domelement==undefined| | (Domelement.trim&&domelement.trim () = ="")){        return true; }Else{        return false; }}function isphonenum (num) {if(IsNull (num)) {return false; }    //pattern=/(^[0-9]{3,4}\-[0-9]{3,8}$) | (^[0-9]{3,8}$) | (^\ ([0-9]{3,4}\) [0-9]{3,8}$] | (^0{0,1}13[0-9]{9}$)/;    varpattern=/^1\d{Ten}$/; if(Pattern.test (num)) {return true; }Else{        return false; }} //validates a single table, if the field contains the required class, the field cannot be empty, and if the Phonenum class is included, you need a phone numberfunction Isformvalid (formelement) {if(IsNull (formelement)) {return false; }     for(varI=0; i<formelement.elements.length;i++){        vartemp=Formelement.elements[i]; varContent=Temp.value; varClasstext=temp.getattribute ("class"); if(IsNull (Classtext)) {Continue; }        if(Classtext.indexof ("Required")!=-1){            if(IsNull (content)) {varPreviousnode=temp.previousSibling.previousSibling; //start by label to determine what kind of pop-up                if(!isnull (Previousnode) && (previousnode.nodename=="LABEL"|| prevousnode.nodename=="label") {alert (previousNode.firstChild.data+"can't be empty!"); return false; }Else{                    varPlaceholdertext=temp.getattribute ("placeholder"); if(!isNull (Placeholdertext))                        {alert (placeholdertext); return false; }                }                             }        }Else{            if(Classtext.indexof ("Phonenum")!=-1){                if(!Isphonenum (Temp.value)) {Alert ("phone number format is not correct!"); return false; }        }                    }    }    //otherwise pass validation//formelement.submit ();    return true;}//detects all forms on the page, which is suitable for submitting types through the Submit button within a form//If the submit event is triggered by a button other than the form, this method is not monitoredfunction Checkallpageform () {varforms=document.forms;  for(varI=0; i<forms.length;i++){        vartemp=Forms[i]; $ (temp). Submit (Function (Event){            if(Isformvalid (temp)) {temp.submit (); }Else{                if(Event. Preventdefault) {                    Event. Preventdefault (); }Else{                    Event. returnvalue=false;            }                                             }        }); }}//if you are submitting through a button outside the form form, you need to listen for the Click event of the form//Uniform Rules, add a uniform class Form-submit for such buttons, and add the Data-form field to the Name property of the form you want to submitfunction Checkpageformsubmitbybutton () {$btn _submit=$(". Form-submit"); if($btn _submit.length>0) {$btn _submit.click (function (Event){            varForm_name= This. getattribute ("Data-form"); if(!isNull (Form_name)) {                varform=Document.forms[form_name]; if(Isformvalid (form)) {//alert (isformvalid);Form.submit (); }Else{                    if(Event. Preventdefault) {                        Event. Preventdefault (); }Else{                        Event. returnvalue=false;    }                }            }                    });    }}$ (function () {checkallpageform ();  Checkpageformsubmitbybutton ();}); 

A form validation class that you wrote yourself

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