A freshman who loves programming is confused at the end of the semester.

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Hello, teacher. I am from an ordinary 211 School. I have been involved in programming since my sophomore year. I feel that programming is amazing, and I learned the C language by myself. No one taught me during this period. However, due to the arrival of the third year of high school, I did not learn programming in a year. When I set my own goals in the third year of high school, I must take the software engineering major, and the results are indeed achieved.
At first, I was worried that my programming skills would be too poor. During the summer vacation, I went to compile and review the C language, and went online to find a video tutorial. In short, I learned the C language before the start of school. However, after the school started, I found that many of our software college students did not even learn programming. I have learned C language by myself, but I haven't found it yet. What makes me even more depressing is that the level of lectures taught by C language teachers is not flattering, and I have never heard of them in class. (just after the C language test, the teacher wants us to pass, I will release all the questions in advance. I have taken this school because many people have not mastered the questions ).
I felt like a waste of time in the first few months. I simply borrowed this data structure from big2 and then went online with a video tutorial for two months. I felt like I had a hard time learning, but it's okay to read it (to tell the truth, I don't know how to learn it ). Now I am also reading Code while watching videos and C ++ primer version 4th. I feel it is not difficult to upload this book online, (It may be that the video tutorial has been quite good ).
After talking about so many things, the main problem has come. Except for the high-end students who have listened to the lectures but have not done their homework, the other classes have never listened to the lectures. (stay in the dormitory one day or later to learn programming and think about code ), I feel that many courses are almost suspended. In fact, I am very familiar with the importance of high numbers and English for programming. I also want to learn high numbers and English well. I don't want to change my mind as soon as I sit in front of a computer (watch video tutorials, then I sat down in front of the computer. When I was reading the tutorial, I thought of high numbers and English. I was in a very depressed mood. But I really wanted to read the tutorial and learn programming, and I simply got a lot better at it.
I am very worried about English majors. English high numbers will definitely affect the development of programming in the future (there should be a strong relationship between algorithms and high numbers ). Ah, I am very conflicted. I hope the teacher will give me some advice and answer my contradictions.
Congratulations! You can go to college and learn your favorite major. However, from your experiences over the past few months, you still need to face some real problems and adjust and adapt to the university path.
In addition to some majors in arts and sports, the vast majority of majors in universities do not require the foundation of professional skills to recruit new students. Therefore, the students you see have never learned programming before, this is normal. However, you should not ignore the fact that you can adjust the learning method in the university. Instead, you will not study the same set of students who died in high school. They will soon learn about the Major and master the basic skills and basics of the Major. I have always been in favor of new students majoring in computer science. Before I went to college, I could spend some time learning programming and finding some experience (I brought my nephew in the summer of 2014 ), your self-learning in high school is very valuable.
Your C Language Teacher's practice. As a fellow engineer, I will not comment on it much. I have been teaching in college for 20 years. I know where our higher education is going in the right direction. I also know that there are many teachers around us who are trying to change education and teaching. But I also know some of our peers, some do not invest themselves, and some do not adapt to the new age. Some do have problems in students' learning concepts and learning abilities, the teacher is helpless ). If you know something like this, you will not listen directly. Your teacher is quite pitiful.
To say this, you must accept everything in reality. In order to take the initiative. You take the initiative before entering the school. It seems that you have taken the first step after entering the school, but you have not made the best use of the conditions provided by the university, and you are directly on the road. I have devoted myself to teaching in the past few years to create an atmosphere and have received some results. It's just that many of my peers are still relying on their own strength to resist so much learning and moving forward. It's so hard but ineffective. As a response to you, I would like to advise you to do something like this for your learning atmosphere. For example, you can give your teachers some ideas from the perspective of students and help them to coach students, there are many such things. When the overall level can be improved, you will benefit from this individual. In this way, your knowledge and comprehensive capabilities are improved. Generous people have always been the biggest beneficiaries. In this industry where open source and sharing have become the mainstream, it is even more valuable.
What worries me is the learning route you choose. I agree with learning ahead of schedule, provided that we develop in a balanced manner. Video learning is a great way in this age. However, your problem is that you only focus on programming and ignore balancing. The first advice I give you is not to make skipping a class a habit. For any class, no matter what the reason is. The second suggestion is not to make the dormitory the primary position for your study. Second, we need to work out the problems that need to be solved. In some courses, all the problems should be solved in the classroom. If you are bored, you can read teaching materials and think about problems at this time. For courses of higher education, we strive to keep up with the teacher's thinking. For courses of foreign languages, we accept training in terms of reading, writing, and writing. In short, you need to allocate the appropriate time in the future, make a good plan, and earnestly implement it.
As for the current problems, please hurry up and try again. But you must be very clear about it, because there is no effective investment, no hanging, and it is not equivalent to learning something. For University study, you must discard the test-taking thinking and find out the evaluation criteria beyond the test score (including a good score for the test ). I have witnessed countless students who failed to adjust their subjects in the first semester. They have become college students since the second semester. In case of an unfortunate "death", it is also worth noting.
As for "English with high numbers will definitely affect the development of programming in the future", it is not so scary. The score for this semester is irrelevant to the future development. The key is to see your future performance. Including schedule, learning route, and learning quality. What can I do if the English language is as high as the C language? When everyone is addicted to the exam-taking context, the university is like this. The achievements should be fully valued, but do not take the scores too much as the full pursuit, rather than the myth of the score effectiveness. There is a strong relationship between algorithms and high numbers. The learning of high numbers is successful. It is related to whether high numbers are successful or not. However, the true association is that only you have heard of the course and done your homework, you can even read other teaching materials and use advanced knowledge to analyze and compile programs to solve problems. There is a long way to go.
Therefore, put these burdens down and make every effort to review the final exam. Your learning needs to be adjusted. Fortunately, your university has just started and the space after the change is still so large.
Finally, I would like to remind you that even if you have learned software engineering, programming is not all about you. If you become addicted to dormitory programming, you can get a job, but the space for development is worrying. Go out of the dormitory and communicate with others. In this letter, check punctuation, paragraphs, and typos (some modifications have been made to the part reproduced in my blog to facilitate readers to read). You will find this expression, no one else can be told. I can explain what you mean by myself. In the future, my superiors, colleagues, and customers should not be patient.
I believe you can make all-round progress!

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A freshman who loves programming is confused at the end of the semester.

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