A game similar to the mold side

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<ptml> <pead> <meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; charset=gb2312 "> <title> similar to the model side of the game </title> </pead> <body> <script> function ShowMenu ( Bmenu) {Document.all.idFinder.style.display = (bmenu)? "None": "Block" Document.all.idMenu.style.display = (bmenu)? "Block": "None" Idml.classname = (bmenu)? "COn": "cOff" idrl.classname = (bmenu)? "COff": "COn" return false} </script> <style> A.con {text-decoration:none;font-weight:bolder} #article {fon T:12PT Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif; Background:white; Color:black; padding:10pt 15pt 0 5pt} #article p.start {text-indent:0pt} #article P {margin-top:0pt;font-size:10pt;text-indent:12pt} #article #author {margin-bottom:5pt;text-indent:0pt;font-style:italic} #pageList P {padding-top:10pt} #article H3 { Font-weight:bold} #article DL, UL, OL {font-size:10pt} </style> <script> function addlist (URL,DESC) {if (NA vigator.appname== "Netscape") | | (parseint (navigator.appversion) >=4)) {var w=window.open ("", "_idhtml_list_", "top=0,left=0,width=475,height=150, History=no,menubar=no,status=no,resizable=no ") var d=w.document if (!w._init) {D.open () d.write (" <TITLE> Loading...</title><em>loading...</em> ") D.close () d.location.replace ("/assist/listing.asp?url= "+escape (URL) +" &desc= "+escape (DESC)) w.opener=self window.status=" Personal Assistant (Adding): "+ desc} else {wind Ow.status=w.addoption (URL,DESC) W.focus ()} else alert ("Your browser does not support the personal assistant.") return F Alse} </script> <style> #board {cursor:default} #board TD {width:25px; height:25px;} </style> <script> var size=10 var moves = 0 var off = size*2 var in = 0 var current = null function Doover () {if (event.srcelement.tagname== "TD") && (current!=event.srcelement)) {if ( Current!=null) Current.style.backgroundColor = current._background Event.srcelement._background = Event.srcElement.style.backgroundColor event.srcelement.style.b Ackgroundcolor = "Lightgrey" current = Event.srcelement}} function SetColor (EL) {if (el._ background== "") | | (El._background==null)) {El.style.backgroundColor = "yellow" El._background = "Yellow"} else {El.style.background Color = "" El._background = "}} function Countlights () {off = 0; On = 0 for (var x=0 x < size x + +) for (Var y=0 y < size; y++) {var p = Board.rows[x].cel Ls[y] if (p._background== "yellow") on++ else off + +} document . All.on.innerText = On if (off!=0) Document.all.off.innerText = off Else Document.all.off.inne Rtext = "You win!" Return (off==0)} function DoClick () {setcolor (current) var cellidx = Current.ceLlindex var rowidx = Current.parentElement.rowIndex if (rowidx>0) SetColor (board.rows[rowidx-1].cel LS[CELLIDX]) if (rowidx<size-1) SetColor (Board.rows[rowidx+1].cells[cellidx]) if (cellidx>0) SetColor (Board.rows[rowidx].cells[cellidx-1]) if (cellidx<size-1) SetColor (board.rows[rowidx].cells[ CELLIDX+1]) moves++ Document.all.moves.innerText = moves win = Countlights () if (win) {Bo Ard.onclick = NULL Board.onmouseover = null Current.style.background = "Yellow"}} functio n Buildboard () {var str = "<table id=board onselectstart=" return false "onclick=" DoClick () "Onmouseover=" Doover ( ) "Cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=5>" for (var x=0 x < size; x + +) {str+= "<TR>" for (Var y=0 y < size; y++) {str+= "<TD> </TD>"} str+= "</TR>"} str+= "</TABLE>" Return str} function Newgame () {size = Document.all.gameSize.value if (size<3) size= 3 if (size>15) size=15 document.all.gameSize.value = Size Document.all.board.outerHTML = Buil Dboard () moves=0 Document.all.moves.innerText = Moves countlights ()} </script> <p al ign= "center" ><big><font color= "#0000FF" > Click on the box, you can fill in the following squares all yellow </font><strong>< Font color= "#FF0000" &GT;&LT;BIG&GT;&LT;BIG&GT;? </big></big></font></strong></big></p> <p align= "center" ><font Color = "#0000FF" > Quickly start your mind and see what skills and rules you have. </font></p> <table border= "1" width= "100%" > <tr> <td width= "50%" ><div align= "right "><table id=" score "border=" 0 "width=" 284 "> <tr> <td width=" "" > Mobile: </td> &LT;TD id= "Moves" width= ">0</td> <td width=" "> Lights Out: </td&Gt &LT;TD id= "Off" width= ">25</td> <td width=" "> Light:</td> <td id=" on "width=" 39 "& gt;0</td> </tr> </table> </div></td> <td width= "50%" ><div align= " Left "><table width=" 204 "> <tr> <td width=" si "> Size: </td> <td width=" 41 " ><input id= "Gamesize" type= "text" value= "ten" size= "2" ></td> <td width= "" "><input onclick= "Newgame ()" type= "button" value= "Start Game" ></td> </tr> </table> </div></td> & lt;/tr> </table> <p align= "center" ><script> document.write (Buildboard ()) </script></p > </body> </ptml>
Tip: You can modify some of the code before running

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