A girl will cry and boys will be silent

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A girl will cry and boys will be silent


There is such a couple. the girl is very beautiful and considerate. Sometimes she has some bad ideas to play with boys. boys are very smart and sensible, the most important thing. A strong sense of humor. you can always find a way to make girls laugh when they get together. girls like boys very much.
They always get along well. The girl's feelings for the boy are faint, saying that the boy is like a relative.
The boy is very fond of the girl and cares about her very much. therefore, every time a quarrel occurs, the boy will say that he is not good or he is wrong. even if he doesn't blame him sometimes, he does. he doesn't want to make girls angry.
Five years later, boys still love girls very much, just as they did before.
One weekend, the girl went out to work, and the boy was going to look for the girl. But when she heard that she had something, she dismissed the idea. he stayed at home for a day and he didn't contact the girl. He thought the girl was busy and he was not sure to disturb him.
She was very angry when she thought about the boy while she was busy. after returning home in the evening, I sent a message to the boy, which was very important. I even mentioned breaking up. at PM.
The boy was so anxious that she had to call her cell phone three times in a row and hung up. no one answered the phone at home. I guess the girl pulled out the telephone line. the boy grabbed his clothes and went out. He was going to the girl's house. it was.
The girl received a call from the boy at and hung up again.
The boy did not call the girl any more.
On the seventh day, the girl received a call from the boy's mother, and the call was tearful. the boy had a car accident last night. the police said that the speed was too fast and the brakes were not in a hurry. They hit a bad truck halfway. when the ambulance arrived, there were no more people.
The girl is so sad that she can't cry, but she can't regret it anymore. She can only miss the joy and happiness that the boy has brought her.
The girl endured grief and came to the car parking lot. She wanted to see the last place the boy had stayed in. the car had been hit completely unsightly. on the steering wheel, the dashboard was stained with the boy's blood.
The boy's mother gave the boy's belongings to the girl, her wallet, her watch, and the cell phone with the boy's blood. when the girl opened her wallet, there was a picture of her, and the blood stains soaked more than half.
When the girl picked up the boy's watch, she found that the watch pointer was parked near.
The girl instantly realized that the boy had made the last effort to call her after the accident, but she was still stuck in the air. the boy no longer has the power to call the phone number for 2nd times. He left with infinite affection and guilt for the girl.
The girl never knows what the last sentence the boy wants to say is. The girl understands that no one will love her more than the boy!

8 oments of falling in love with a person
1. When you are busy, you drive your cell phone and wait for her/his text message. You are already in love with her/him.
2. If you like to walk alone with her/him, you are already in love with her/him.
3. when you are with her/him, you will pretend not to pay attention to him, but when she leaves/opens your sight, you will be eager to find her/him... you fell in love with her.
4. When she/he is injured or ill, you will be very concerned about her and worried about her/him. You are already in love with him.
5. When she/she and others want to be good, you will feel insensible... you are already in love with her.
6. when you see her/her sweet smile, your mouth will smile smugly .. you have fallen in love with her/him .................................. ......
7. When you see this article, think of someone
8. When you see this article, no one will love it for the rest of your life, no one will hurt, no one will accompany you, no one cares, no one will take care of it !!

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