A good example of learning rest in ror: Beast

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Today, we found that the implementation of this forum basically uses the restful style. After reading the code, I feel that it is helpful for learning rest,



Source code:


Installation instructions:

Description of the rest service that calls beast. caboo. SE:


You can use the curl tool for testing. (A test instruction document)


My understanding of rest: Rest simplifies the interoperability between different applications (systems. The rest Implementation of ROR is more concise and simpler. If several systems adopt ror development (the latest version 1.2), it is very easy to implement interoperability between systems.

Miscellaneous: I have always thought that URLs on the Internet in a broad sense are equivalent to functions in C, C ++, And. Java, and are passed to URL parameters (? PRAMA = A & pramb = B) is equivalent to the function parameter. If you want to implement callback, you can pass a URL as a parameter, of course, the "function signature (or Convention)" on the URL is far less "secure" than the local function call. The callback party must understand the convention of the callback URL. In earlier versions of rails, some parameter information (/controller/show/1) is hidden in the URL, and many function signature rules are set in rails. Rails1.2's rest implies some parameters or semantics (post, get, put, delete) in the HTTP header ). Rails1.2's rest implementation has done a lot of work for programmers, making it as convenient to call the URL "function" as calling a local function.

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