A good idea of why a sister wants to write a program and wants to do it (write her own summary)

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Very small time every day to haunt Grandma and sister taught me to draw, then the biggest wish is to be a painter, later on the study, on the special worship of Madame Curie, I want to be a scientist for the future to work hard; Junior High School 6 years has been every day moving back with curiosity eyes obediently listen to the ~ I do not know why I am interested in anything Well, when I went to college, I suddenly found that maybe this is life, want to lighten a little burden for parents at the same time in order to prove that they can earn money ~ so I have to worry about their living expenses, just beginning and a few seniors to send leaflets, busy an afternoon only more than 10 dollars, the two seniors from time to time lazy, only my silly a Zhang Send out their own seniors to take over for their hair, their busy, of course, seniors more happy ~ later feel that they should do some of the brain to make money to live (not to disappoint his head is not), so I began to interview the teacher of remedial classes ~ After the successful interview I began to teach seriously, In fact, very afraid of their own teaching is not good, and then the number of children's achievements have been improved (the mood of trepidation finally ended, I actually do very good). Because of their early years like art, so when I learned to use PS can be beautiful when the mood is still very excited ~ borrowed a pile of books from the library, 1 days later I saw a network company applied for PHP engineer, on-line check what PHP is what things, and then went to apply for (sophomore only a few days, To tell the truth, except for the summer vacation, I saw a little front-end on the W3school, nothing, and I do not know where my self-confidence and courage came from, at that time the idea is to work while learning his head is fully manageable. The manager did not know is not by my this little girl's courage and sincerity moved, anyway I got the first job in computer. After work found that they lack of many, the previous confidence is mostly based on ignorance, 2 months later I think I should go back to high school state, the heart without distractions to learn to let oneself have a faster ascension (of course, I knew at that time less cause work laborious and every day to school company two places to catch the bus took me a lot of time, Let me have the feeling of wasting life, now think about it, I have to use every minute to make their own harvest ideas are not realistic, do not know the rest of the people will not work. Then I learned a site in the school of the half-year PS and the front end, a chance to know the vice director of the School Psychological Institute, and by virtue of their own computer skills to the teacher assistant, and then one year I found that I really fell in love with psychology, the examination of the psychological consultant certification, in the library do not know how many days, The key is that I decided to test the psychology of graduate students, holding that pile of books and videos in the knowledge of the ocean is also a small year, and then I was sad to find that psychology is difficult to find a job. Although he is a very useful science! Youth always have to struggle for something, and I also have to find a job Ah ~ So I began to look at myself before I liked the Web front-end, although manyPeople say girls are not suitable for writing programs, but I do not feel that the program is not happy AH (of course, the introduction for me or a lot of work, but also realize that they are not so smart, practical but can improve themselves a lot) so, I want for my program ideal and struggle ~ hope that their psychological knowledge of the help of the front end to learn better ~

A good idea of why a sister wants to write a program and wants to do it (write her own summary)

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