A good-looking book-the art of anti-spoofing-sharing the experiences of legendary hackers in the world

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?? After attending the csdn activity, I was lucky enough to get this book, the art of anti-spoofing-sharing the experiences of legendary hackers in the world. The author of this book is famous (once notorious). His name is Mitnick and he is called the world's number one hacker. He once had a "remarkable battle" and was once one of the most tough computers in history for the FBI. When I got this book, I thought it was a book about hacker supplier technology. I carefully read several pages and found that the book describes the "Human Factors" in hacker technology ". Indeed, the current development trend of technology has made us pay more and more attention to the technology itself. The brutal facts tell us that security problems in real life are caused by problems in the human process. The book describes how many frauds are successful. Only by understanding how to "attack" can we learn how to "Defend". This is the so-called "know yourself, know yourself, and know yourself.

The book contains more than a dozen chapters, which explain the generation and variants of various security issues from various aspects and perspectives. It uses a story-like tone to help readers understand how exquisite scams are successful. As a person, we have all kinds of weaknesses. For example, we tend to trust others rather than doubt others. We are willing to trust others in kindness, and we are willing to love people around us, we are willing to sympathize with people in distress and in need of help. We are willing to help others in return after they give us help. We are willing to use "hands-on work", and we often do not have a "perspective ", I am willing to disclose some less important information, but I do not know that some seemingly unimportant information can be combined to form enough meaningful information.

As people, we tend to be lazy, lazy at verifying people's information, or succumb to authority, and dare not verify the identity of "senior" people, or as time passes, I relaxed my vigilance. Or think that the complicated security procedures are just "on paper", and do not really realize why such complicated and complex procedures are needed ...... I think, these are also the weakness of human nature.

Social Engineer-the profession created by the author, which I understand can be synonymous with "scammers". They usually have a polite appearance-if you can see it, think carefully, magnetic voice and rich social experience-be good at influencing others and letting others serve themselves. They are good at associating a series of trivial information fragments, form useful information for yourself-just like playing a puzzle, if you understand a little more technology, then social engineering will become even more powerful-after all, a little technical knowledge, just rely on eloquence, the possibility of successful deception is relatively low-the art is not overwhelmed, and social engineers need to know a lot of professional technical knowledge, such as how the telephone Bureau works, the terminology of the financial industry, the bank's commuting time, how do organizations and companies perform identity authentication, unlock, and divert others' attention. In short, the more the better, the more skills you have, the more chance you will succeed.

One of the most impressive parts of this book is the importance of identity authentication, that is, the person who contacts us-usually the one who calls us-is it the one he claims? This is a common tactic of social engineering-they often have some information, can claim that they are a person, contact a department, get other information, and then call to claim that they are another person, in this way, a series of small scams are formed to form a "loop plan" and ultimately achieve their own goals.

In short, this book has made me easy to read, and I have finished reading it for more than a week. The book is fluent and easy to understand. It has no difficult terms. It is one of the books that people of all ages and levels are willing to read. I have benefited a lot from security experts.


A good-looking book-the art of anti-spoofing-sharing the experiences of legendary hackers in the world

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