A good programmer does not go to outsourcing companies.

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A good programmer does not go to outsourcing companies.

Old saying has cloud: Good iron does not talk. Today, I want to say that good programmers do not go to outsourcing companies.

Some people may disagree with this point of view. I also believe that any non-technical post will have supporters and opponents.

Today, I will talk to you about the reason for not going to outsourcing companies, especially if you want to take a longer-term approach to technology. If you are a good programmer, please do not go to outsourcing companies.

There are only two reasons for our employees to stay in a company: 1. Money, high wages; 2. there is space for development. To put it bluntly, they can learn and accumulate things, you can earn more money in the future.

I will first discuss from these two points why not to outsource the company:

1. Money, everyone may think that outsourcing companies offer a slightly higher level of treatment than normal non-outsourcing companies. This level is relative to individuals.

One of the major features of an outsourcing company's operation model is the cost of human resources, that is, the cost of human resources. For example, if your salary is 1 million RMB per month, when you are dispatched to another company, you may be sold for 2 w, 3 w a month, or even higher. But even so, what is your gross profit of one person? yuan, but there are still many people in the company that cannot be outposted, such as administrative, financial, procurement, and other managers, there are also the company's operating costs, water and electricity rents, etc. In this case, the gross profit you sell will not be much. What should we do, therefore, you will find that outsourcing companies are large companies, with thousands or even thousands of people. As the amount goes up, the profits will increase, so it is difficult for small outsourcing companies to survive.

You may think that other non-outsourcing companies are also cost-effective? Here, we will talk about projects and products sold by non-outsourcing companies. To put it bluntly, software systems, outsourcing companies sell people, labor-intensive enterprises, and knowledge-intensive enterprises, the labor cost calculated by non-outsourcing companies is part of the total project cost, while the labor cost of outsourcing companies is the price of raw materials sold by the company.

For example, a non-outsourcing company may have a project with a contract amount of 1 million. It may be enough for three people in the company to do this for half a year. The labor cost is 3*10000*6 = 0.18 million, what is the gross profit of this project? 0.82 million. For the time being, when we calculate this gross profit, we will certainly ask someone to calculate the various costs (I know). Here we will simply use this formula. What is the half-year gross profit of three employees in an outsourcing company? Assume that three employees have a salary of 10 thousand and a selling price of 20 thousand. What is the gross profit the company has earned in six months? 3*(20 thousand-10 thousand) * 6 = 0.18 million.

You can see that the door is coming. Well, let's talk about salary and welfare.

Non-outsourcing companies mainly focus on talents, because talents can bring greater benefits to them. In order to retain talents, the company will consider salary increases and benefits for employees. In short, it will try its best to retain employees. The outsourcing company does not, because the above formula

3*(20 thousand-10 thousand) * 6 = in 0.18 million, if 10 thousand is changed to 15 thousand, the gross profit will be much less, because other values will not change, and your personal purchase price will become higher, the selling price is the price, so the gross profit you can earn is reduced, and the outsourcing company will not raise your salary, even if the increase is minimal. If you don't agree, you can leave, if you leave the outsourcing company, you may find someone cheaper to take over your job.

Besides welfare, we have mentioned that outsourcing companies have to do volume, human tactics, and labor-intensive enterprises if they want to make money, because the value you can create is just like a small drop in outsourcing companies, this is also because of your contribution, which leads to a smaller percentage of your company's benefits. So what year-end bonus, insurance, provident fund, and subsidy, medical Check, company travel, gathering, and so on, basically don't think about this kind of welfare. For example, insurance may be required by national laws, so the company will give you the lowest priority, because there are too many people and each person's rate of return is so low, you are increasing costs and reducing your own benefits.


After talking about the money and the development space, we have to talk about the reasons for the formation of outsourcing companies.

We all know that in the early years, the wages and salaries of people engaged in it were relatively high. If there were not so many projects in a company, the actual operating costs would not be low if we had to support these technicians, however, these technical personnel cannot be left alone, because if no one is working on the project, they will not be able to do so. They will simply find a group of technical personnel for the project. Once the project is over, what should I do if I don't know when to come to the next project? There is also a lack of technical capabilities. For example, if a company needs an SAP interface for a project, but the company does not, it cannot find an SAP person for the project separately, at that time, it was a headache for leaders. There were too many recruits, no project headaches, and there were too many headaches.

As a result, there is a market when there is demand, and outsourcing companies have emerged, specifically targeting the above companies to solve the problems encountered above.

Note that if a non-outsourcing company needs staff from an outsourcing company, it must have work experience. New students must not, unless you can be confused. That is to say, the outsourced personnel I need can work with them to solve the problem that our existing manpower cannot solve. It is the technical knowledge of the staff of the outsourcing company, instead of giving you the opportunity to study technology and cultivate technology for outsourcing company staff, I will train our own company staff. Why should we train outsourcing personnel.

Do you think that after two years of working in an outsourcing company, do you have something to accumulate?


In addition to the money and development space mentioned above, there are several reasons for not going to outsourcing companies.

1. After going to an outsourcing company, you will often go to various companies for interviews. When recruiting from an outsourcing company, you will usually call you and say, "Hello, we have an employee sent to Microsoft, motorola and other positions ", then you will first go to Microsoft for an interview. After Microsoft passes the interview, the outsourcing company will sign a contract with you, that is, sales-driven procurement, sell you to buy you. After the project of a Microsoft company like Motorola is finished, you will ask for an interview with another company. Maybe it is convenient for you to go to work at that time, I rented a house in the north Fifth Ring Road. As a result, the next expatriate company went to the south Fifth ring road, and you were miserable.

2. What you said above is that you can pass the interview again. If you are returned by the first company, the company will arrange to go to each company for an interview every day, until you are bought, but if no company buys you within a month, that is, you have not received enough customers in a month (the same as Miss), the company will consider reducing your salary, once the contract is finalized, we would like to remind you that outsourcing companies generally sign contracts with you like this: the basic salary of each month is 2000 yuan, and the bonus is 8000 yuan. In fact, this contract is used to pay you less insurance, if you pay less for the Provident Fund, the most important thing is that you can pay 2000 for the compensation when cutting you again. However, outsourcing companies are still shameless to tell you that such a contract is signed to avoid tax evasion. Shameless.

3. Outsourcing companies do not have a sense of belonging. Even if you are sent to companies like Microsoft and IBM, you are second-class employees. Let me know this.


In fact, the people who are now going to outsource companies, I have analyzed only three kinds of people:

1. People who have no idea about outsourcing;

2. In order to get a little more money, some people may only get 6000 yuan for non-outsourcing companies, but may get 7000 yuan for outsourcing companies. I would like to remind you of such people, for non-outsourcing companies, as long as you do well, the 6000 may change to 10000, but for outsourcing companies, your 7000 yuan will become 7500 after two years.

3. No one can find a job. Because outsourcing companies are engaged in a large volume of jobs, a large number of expatriates are sent to other large companies, that is, sellers. Here there will be bundled sales, they will tell other companies that if you want to buy these people, you need to buy those of us. Haha, this will make it very cheap to buy garbage, bundled for sale.


These are my opinions on outsourcing companies. Some of them may be too harsh. Please forgive me.

I hope you can choose your career with caution. Don't say "young people don't know how to choose a career" to yourself two years later.


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