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Site appears dead link is every webmaster do not want to see one of the questions, the existence of dead links will not only seriously hit the user's friendly experience, but also if the dead chain will attract more search engine punishment. But the dead link is inevitable to each site will encounter, especially some just upgraded the site. Site upgrades in the column adjustment, content deletion and so on will cause the site to appear a large number of dead links. Encountered this situation we need to find a reasonable way to ensure that users do not lose and not be punished by the search engine of the author's site once because of an upgrade, most of the content was deleted, and did not do 404 error pages, resulting in a large number of users lost. So first we need to know about the dead link.

Dead link We can also call it the wrong link. Generally appear in the content adjustment, the page disappears, resulting in the original link can not reach the target page. And this link is still in the search engine's included. This leads to when the visitor through the search results into your site will appear to find the page of the embarrassing situation, the user will be lost in vain.

So how to deal with this problem, there are many ways to deal with dead links, I think one of the artifacts is the use of 404 error pages. Especially like the author's site has such a large collection of cases. When the user enters the dead link, 404 pages can inform the user that the page has been deleted and lead the user to the upgraded homepage. Of course we'd better add a 404 statistic feature to count the user's longest entry links and then select a few to do 303 redirect to the new link address.

As to how to deal with 303 pages, the author is not commonplace, the information on the Internet a lot.

Finally, I would like to remind the special, when we put 404 error page, we must first test the page. The test method is very simple, we simply enter a site does not exist in the URL address of the page, test can open 404 error page. There is to test the status code, to determine the return status is 200, not 404, if the status code error, and the site there are a large number of dead links, then the unfortunate things may happen to you. Search engines will assume that your site will use cheating, which can lead to unnecessary punishment.

All in all, the 404 error page is simple, but there are a lot of details that need our attention. Only reasonable handling of these details, can be its function to achieve a multiplier effect. This article by the fine graduation design Net http://www.jpbysj.com original, reprint please retain the source.

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