A group's aggregation layer deploys a traffic Cleaning System

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We have recently communicated with our customers about the following requirements:

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Traffic cleaning is performed at the man level. The uplink egress of the Access Router is a bandwidth of 70 Gbit/s and 70 thousand Mbit/s. It is bundled with multiple Ge interfaces and connected to the nearest two core routers through dual-homing.

There are two deployment methods: edge mounting and serial connection.

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An alliance in the industry now adopts the bypass method. The entire system is divided into three components (abnormal traffic detection, abnormal traffic cleaning, and Management Platform), so that three products can be sold at a time. The detection can be split to import the traffic from the backbone to the mounted detection device. after about 30 seconds of analysis, the detection can determine whether a DDoS attack is included, then, the cleaning platform is notified to publish a host route to the router to pull the traffic for cleaning. The cleaned traffic is then directed and reinjected to the next layer of devices in multiple ways to clean the traffic on the network side.

You can also connect the cleaning device to the network by means of serial connection. through real-time analysis of all traffic, you can see whether there is a DDoS attack, but will this affect the throughput of the original system? Further verification required

A group's aggregation layer deploys a traffic Cleaning System

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