A guildeline for setting up the s60 3rd FP1 development envrionment

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The article you are reading tells you how to set up your development environmnet, include setuping IDE, launching emulator etc. OK, are you ready? Let's go! 1. Download and instll the SDK, Perl, JRE, carbide. c ++ (optional)S60 3rd FP1 sdknote: mmf sdk can't work with 3rd FP1 SDK
Active Perl the neweset version doese not work (Building Project wocould fail. It cost me lots of time to figue it out). Please use version
Carbide. c ++ the is the only fully supported ide by Nokia so I recommend it for you. if you are familar with Visual Studio maybe you wowould like carbide. vs. pleaset notice that Carbide. vs does not support. NET 2005. note: Please install all these software in the same logic driver in case the un-expected issues. 2. build and run your first helloworld from Command Line
From command line (CMD), go to the SDK installion directory, then enter the helloworldbasic example directory. my path is D:/dev/s60_3rd_fp1/s60ex/helloworldbasic/group. then ex:> bldmake bldfiles => Kriss: generate the make file for building the project> abld build winscw ude => Kriss: Build the emulator debug load. "abld build gcce urel" is for real envrionment. OK, the load is ready for running now. start it now:> EPOC Note: Maybe you wocould meet an error "error: epocroot must specify an existing Directory ". it is because you does not start the "EPOC" on the logical driver the SDK loacats in. since 3rd SDK we do not need to set the epocroot environment value any more. it wocould take a while to start the emulator, just wait for it... from Main Menu-> installed, you wocould find your familiar helloword sit here and is waiting for you. it is the same way to build the console application. and the way to start the emulator is a little different:> eshellwait for the emulator popup and then press your application name + enter. an example for the console application is located in:
D:/dev/s60_3rd_fp1/examples/basics/helloworld> 3. build and run the application in carbide. c ++Carbide. c ++ is developed base on the well known ide eclipse. you cocould easily build a new project or import an existed project from file menu. it helps top configure the project step by step so I wocould not say any more here. now, you cocould start your journey to s60 3rd FP1 development. for any more help during your study, please consult these sites: Nokia developer forumnewlc.com

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