A hodgepodge of Linux common service commands

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A hodgepodge of Linux common service commands

# MV Sxyc_tintin/jiake//Modify directory Name/file name
# apt Install lrzsz//install LRZSZ support upload download
The SZ and RZ commands require server support, and if prompted without a command, you can install with Yum (for example, CentOS):
# SZ
-bash:sz:command not found
# yum Install Lrzsz-y

# sz index.html//Download file
# rz//Uploading Files
# Rz-y//upload Overlay
# rz-be//upload file to prevent "upload interrupt, upload file changes"
# ls-al//View Details (permissions)
# chmod u+x apache-tomcat-8.0.36.exe/Modify Permissions
# Ls-al
# zip
# apt Install zip//zip supports compression, decompression
# zip-p-R tomcat-8.0.zip Apache-tomcat-8.0.36.exe//compression
# ls
# Unzip Gps-web.zip//Unzip
Ps-ef|grep java//detect if Tomcat is running
Netstat-tunlp|grep 8080//view process status for the specified port number
# ps-ef|grep Java
# kill-9 7010//Kill Tomcat
#./startup.sh//Start Tomcat
#./shutdown.sh//Stop Tomcat
# clear
# pwd
# tail-f catalina.out//View Tomcat log-f real-time logs-n n the latest n rows of data
# tail-n Catalina.out
# ls
# RM-RF gps-web//Delete a directory

A hodgepodge of Linux common service commands

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