A iptables-related OpenStack row error

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First, the Environment: Host A ( is running instance A (, Host B ( running Instance B (

The user says Telnet from instance B to port 9000 on instance a, but on instance a through Netstat-an | The Remore IP that grep 9000 sees is not instance B, but the NIC IP (192.1638.1.56) of Host B. So I think it is possible to migrate instance A to Host B to solve the problem. But it's a pity that the answer is.

The environment at this time: Host B is running instances A and B.

So I started from iptables. It is found that there are several important chain rules on Host B:

ChainNova-network-snat(1references) pkts bytes target prot optinchOut source destination 312K 20M Nova-network-float-snat All--* *                 0     0RETURN All--* *               2    -RETURN All--* *           80764 5060K SNAT All--* * to: Nova -postrouting-bottom(1references) pkts bytes target prot optinchOut source destination 312K 20M Nova-compute-snat All--* *   20M Nova -network-snatAll--* *   15M Nova-api-snat All--* *   postrouting (Policy ACCEPT5Packets -bytes) pkts bytes Target prot optinchOut source destination 368K 23M Nova-compute-postrouting All--* *   23M Nova-network-postrouting All--* *   20M Nova-api-postrouting All--* *   20M Nova -postrouting-bottomAll--* *             

The problem is obvious: the address in the range translates the source address into through the Snat action. So on instance B see This address also explained the pass!

As it is unclear whether this rule has any practical effect, I use the following rules to manually insert them into effect:

2 192.168. 1.50/ -j RETURN

A iptables-related OpenStack row error

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