A Java enhancement proposal released by the openjdknet website

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: This article mainly introduces a Java enhancement proposal released by the openjdknet website. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, please refer to it. Combining Java with the latest version of the toolkit can avoid faults caused by conflict of multiple GTK versions.

Oracle is planning to include the GTK 3 GUI toolkit in Java 9 based on the Linux system. This will ensure that the current Java version is combined with the latest version of the toolkit, so as to avoid application faults due to conflict of multiple GTK versions.

According to a Java enhancement proposal released by the openjdk.net website, the goal of this initiative is to support GTK (GIMP Toolkit) 2 by default and to use GTK 3 if system attributes are specified. Various Java graphics applications based on JavaFX, Swing, or AWT (advanced container toolkit) will be included in this recommendation plan, existing applications can run on Linux without modifying GTK 2 or 3.

This proposal has been sent to members in the openjfx-dev email list by Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Oracle Java platform Department. Java 9 is expected to be officially released in March 2017.

"A large number of Java software packages are currently using GTK, including AWT/Swing, JavaFX, and SWT. SWT has been migrated to GTK 3, but it still contains a system attribute that can be used to force it to use earlier versions, "stated in the proposal. "This method of mixing different GTK versions in the software package may cause application faults ."

This issue also affects various applications that use the Eclipse development platform. This proposal also states that although GTK 2 and 3 are currently available for most Linux distributions by default, some release schemes have not yet included them.

GTK + is also affected. this cross-platform toolkit exists as a functional component and API and is released as free software through the GNU project. It is included in a variety of common projects, from the Apache OpenOffice Office software suite to the Inkscape vector graphics editor and then to the PyShare image upload tool.

According to this Java proposal, the alternative to GTK 2 and 3 is to adjust Java graphics to ensure that it only supports GTK 3, which greatly reduces the need for porting and testing. However, this solution may cause a large number of bugs that cannot be detected through tests, which means that we need to invest extra energy to check the AWT appearance and usage experience, and require porting one or both of JavaFX/Swing. This kind of porting usually requires a lot of coordination between AWT and Swing.

However, a former Java manager who once worked for Sun Microssytems questioned the improved effects brought to Java. "Java-based desktop applications on Linux are rare, so I am not sure how large the market it is facing is, "Arun Gupta, former Sun's Java EE team member and current vice president of Couchbase's developer promotion, stressed.

The above introduces a Java enhancement proposal released by the openjdknet website, including some content, and hopes to help friends who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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