(a) Java three major technical introduction and the Origin of Java

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Introduction of Java Content

Java programming can be divided into three directions (three major versions of Java technology):

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition for desktop systems (java2 Platform edition,java SE),

Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition for creating server applications and Services (Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition,java EE),

Java2 platform Micro version for small devices and smart cards (java2 Platform micro Edition,javaME ).

Simply put, Javase (also known as J2SE Java to SE) is used for desktop development, Java EE for Web development, and javame for mobile phone development.

Second, javase course introduction

    1. Java Object-oriented programming
    2. Java Graphical interface
    3. Java Database programming
    4. Java File IO stream
    5. Java Network programming
    6. Java multithreading

Third, the Java EE course Introduction

    1. Java EE Programming Fundamentals (Object-oriented programming in Javase and database programming in Javase)
    2. Java EE Web Base (HTML technology, including CSS, JS, div, etc.)
    3. Java EE Intermediate section (Servlet and JSP Technology)
    4. Java EE Advanced Section (SSH framework--struts, Spring, Hibernate,ejb,ajax)

Iv. Introduction of Javame Course

No introduction at this stage.

V. The origins of Java

In 1990, Sun launched the "Stealth Program" (later renamed "Green Program") to embed a language technology in the TV set-top box to control the operation of the TV set-top box, which was not named.

In 1992, Sun felt the plan was small and decided to target the next generation of smart appliances, such as microwaves. Gosling noticed a dense oak tree outside his office, a very common one in Silicon Valley. So he named Oak the new language. But Oak is the name of another registered company. The name can't be used again. In the name collection meeting, we put forward a lot of names. Finally, according to everyone's selection order, more than 10 names are arranged into a table, reported to the trademark lawyer. In the first place is silk (silk). Although everyone liked the name, James Gosling the firm objection. The second and third are not through the lawyer. Only the fourth name, everyone's approval and the lawyer's passage, the name is java. The name was one of the founders ' team members who thought of the idea that he had had a delicious cup of coffee on Java island.

Java is the English name of the Indonesian island of Java, known for its rich coffee. Many of the library class names in the Java language are related to coffee: such as javabeans (coffee beans), NetBeans (network beans), and Objectbeans (object beans), and more. Sun and Java's logo is also a cup of steaming coffee.

In October 1994, HotJava and the Java platform demonstrated to the top of the company. In 1994, the Java 1.0a version was available for free download, but the first public release of Java and HotJava browser took place at the Sunworld conference on May 23, 1995. Sun's scientific guidance John Guegy announces Java technology. The announcement was made in conjunction with the astonishing release of Mark Anderson, executive vice president of Netscape, announcing that Netscape would include support for Java in its browser. In January 1996, the company set up a Java business group, specializing in the development of Java technology.

It is worth mentioning that the current version is jdk1.8, also known as the 8.0 version. Because after 1.5, 1.6 is referred to as 6.0,1.7 for abbreviation 7.0.

(a) Java three major technical introduction and the Origin of Java

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