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A meat vendor was taken aback when he saw a dog walking into his shop. But it wasn't long before the dog went away.
He ran back, so he looked at the dog and found a small piece of paper in his mouth.
He picked up the paper and wrote, "Please give me five sausages and one ham, and the money will be placed in the dog's mouth 」
The butcher looked down. Wow! There is actually 10 RMB! So he took the money and put the sausage and leg of lamb in his bag.
And put it in the dog's mouth. The meat seller is so strange to the dog that it is about to beat him.
I decided to share the stall and follow the dog. He walked along the road. When he came to the crossroads, the dog put down the bag and jumped up and pressed the pedestrian button,
Then pick up the bag and patiently wait for the green light to light up, and then pass through this intersection, of course, the meat vendor is still closely following it.
Next the dog came to the bus station and began to stare at the timetable. The butcher was shocked by the fact that the dog knew how to raise his left.
He grabbed the bus! The meat seller followed the car and the dog sold the monthly ticket tied to the collar.
When the ticket clerk arrived at this scene, the Meat Dealer Almost fainted like other passengers. The dog then sat down next to the driver.
Outside the window, when the next stop sign appeared, it stood up and ran to the driver and shook its tail to indicate that he was about to get off the bus. No
When the bus stops completely, it can't wait to jump out of the bus and go to a house not far from the bus stop. It opened the yard's big iron door and rushed to the door. When it approached the wooden door, it suddenly changed its mind to the garden.
Run, it walked toward the window, then hit it several times with his head, and then ran back to the front of the room to wait. Meat vendors see
A tough guy opened the door and began to abuse the dog! He beat him, kicked him, and cursed him! Meat vendors
I can't stand this kind of thing, so I ran to stop this guy!
「 What the fuck are you doing? This is a genius dog! I want to use my life to guarantee that it can definitely go to TV !」
The man replied, "Are you saying it's smart? This is the second time this stupid dog forgot to bring the key. "This story tells us that .....
No matter how hard you are, the boss will not be satisfied!
This is fate ....

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