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DAY3, Changsha, Tuesday

I was a little tired today, and I slept close to noon.

Continue to go downstairs a bowl of powder, feeling very satisfied, originally ready to go to the PEI public shop, and then lazy, I incredibly and unconsciously back to the Zhao home.

The couple went to work, so I was alone at home. So what else to say, turn on the computer and start working.


In the evening, Zhao asked me to go out to have a meal, but it is funny that we booked a movie ticket for the evening 7 o'clock, but we went out for dinner at 6:10.

Time did not plan well, we hurried to eat a little KFC went to the cinema. Look at the recent seemingly very hot "super marine". --The movie is very interesting, I have always felt that making movies and playing games is very similar to the content of the cultural industry, and then are the production, distribution, channel relationship.

Again, I understand that in the field of game production, the role of "producer" is much like the role of "director" in the film. To make a film, the director needs to take into account all aspects of the comprehensive personal quality requirements are very high, he needs to dabble in a variety of life knowledge, cultural hotspots, trends, historical precipitation, professional skills ... Similarly, for a good game maker, should also be in such as poetry, The Master Encyclopedia, Historical unofficial history, popular elements and so on have some dabble and understand even proficient.

I feel that a great part of the meaning of life lies in being able to discover and appreciate beauty. It is not a great pleasure to combine this goal with your career.

So firmly believe in their own choice, but also firmly believe that their 20 years of basic literacy accumulation. Such an era has created me, and I must take responsibility for the so-called pursuit of excellence.


Stroll in the Liuyang River, blowing winter spring beginning with damp River wind, I began to also some like Changsha this city.

"No big city is so tired, the pace of life is slow." But more comfortable. ”

"We are quite satisfied with the city and feel that there is nothing missing." Want to have. ”

"Every weekend you can drive home and get together with Mom and dad, and it's one hours." ”

"The city construction is also good, the environment is also very good, can walk, play place quite a lot of." ”

"The price is more appropriate, we can basically buy a home to meet the needs of life." ”


As the friends said.

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