A key step in determining the commercial use of TD-LTE Spectrum

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With the division of spectrum resources, a huge rock in the road of TD-LTE commercialization was moved. At the recently held "TD-LTE technology and spectrum Seminar", China's 2.6GHz spectrum planning scheme was announced,-2690hz of the 2.6GHz band all divided into TDD spectrum. The determination of spectrum division, which sent a clear signal to the TD-LTE industry chain, eliminating the concerns of manufacturers involved in TD-LTE, TD-LTE commercialization process has taken a very critical step.

China Mobile is not "disappointed"

In the LTE era, it is very difficult to find a uniform band in the world. Therefore, the LTE band in various countries is very scattered, but the main band is 2.6 GHz. Previously, China Mobile clearly expressed its desire and confidence for GHz spectrum resources.

At the GSMA Conference held in Shanghai in June this year, Xi Guohua, chairman of China Mobile, made it clear that "on the TD-LTE frequency issue, G is the ITU-determined global frequency segment, it is also a rich frequency. China Mobile will be deployed in all cities with an expanded scale during bidding and procurement ." China Mobile's other top executives are also on different occasions, indicating that the 2.6GHz is intended for TD-LTE use.

At present, the-2690hz of the GHz frequency band is all divided into TDD spectrum and up to MHz frequency band resources. "Although these spectrum resources may not all be handed over to mobile, it is already a very good result for mobile devices ", tan Yanming, Senior Consultant for China at Deutsche Telekom, said.

A number of Qi push TD-LTE like a decision

In the eyes of many industry insiders, if the TD-LTE's M spectrum resources are all used by the mobile family, some "luxury", so a number of operators are highly likely to push TD-LTE.

"The 2.6 GHz frequency band is a high-frequency band with poor penetration, which will increase the cost of network coverage. Low frequency spectrum resources should also be allocated to TD-LTE, such as the use of PHS frequency, so the frequency of TD-LTE resources is quite rich, so that the foreshadowing, maybe two operators to push TD-LTE together, or even three Qi push possibility also exists, "Tan Yanming said. He said that the combination of low-frequency and high-frequency bands is conducive to the construction and coverage of the TD-LTE network. "In the room, the 2-6 GHz band is used, and in an open outdoor area, the low-frequency band is used ."

Zeng Tao, a senior analyst at zero point Research and Consulting Group Telecom, also believes that if the radio and television networks are added, there will be more possibilities for the combination. two or even three operators are more likely to push TD-LTE together, "In particular, mobile TV networks are more complementary than mobile and iron networks, and the MHz band is now in the radio and television sector."

Inject "strong heart" to the industrial chain"

Spectrum division is determined, not only for China Mobile is good news, to promote the maturity of the entire industrial chain of TD-LTE also has a huge role, "This is a powerful agent," Tan Yanming said, spectrum division will affect the R & D investment and confidence of enterprises in the industrial chain.

TD-LTE and FDD, the technical gap between the two is not obvious, but in the division of spectrum resources, from the global perspective, the disadvantage of TD-LTE is obvious. Currently, the European Union, the United States, and Japan allocate a vast majority of spectrum resources to FDD, and TDD receives very few resources. This situation seriously affects the investment of equipment vendors and end manufacturers in tdd r & D. Our country clearly divided the TD-LTE spectrum, and the bandwidth is as high as 190 M, undoubtedly increased the confidence of the entire industry chain.

Chang gang, chief market officer of Ericsson China, also said in an interview with the media that spectrum validation is of great significance and systems and terminal manufacturers can make more targeted preparations.

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