A language into gold, say through management, point through life!

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"About the market"

The hype is to scare the capable rivals down!

To become the industry boss, we must first mess up the market!

There are two ways to change beauty: one is to let oneself become beautiful, and the other is to kill the beauty!

"About Power"

The boss excessive use of power, staff will jump-job, wife over-use power, Old Guild job-hopping!

The system should be in the benefits, when the happiness is greater than the requirements, the husband would like to come back to accept control!

If you are not trustworthy to an employee, there will be 100 employees who cheat you!

"About Business"

Boss tired is because your head turn, employees do not turn, the result of the company left you to play not turn!

Enterprises do not do much, is because you only take the bow to pull the cart, do not look up the road!

Behind the responsible business, there must be a responsible boss!

"About the Product"

When the product sells fire, you should consider jumping out of the time!

Many factories do not sell, OEM, become the "mistress", Betweens clothing!

Good projects are not required to invest too much, more than the general investment is not a good project!

"About Persuasion"

No convincing and good strategy also can not fall to the ground, had to boss four legs personally to the landing!

Negotiators are always standing on the other side of the perspective of the people!

Persuasion is a tool that does not require guns to plunder wealth!

"About Success"

Who you are depends on what you've been through!

Who you will be tomorrow, is today the assumption of who you are!

Success should never be used to start!

"About the System"

Employees make money is good management, do not make money what mechanism also white pull!

The system is ambiguous, can give can not give when, you give, should lose when must suffer!

With the neck above the person working, you do not control his neck below!

"About Marketing"

Marketing is not done, but let others believe that you have done!

The ability to gain the trust of others is your marketing ability!

Marketing master must be a master of agitation!

"About Talent"

The competitor company is my talent reserve warehouse!

As long as the talent, he still in the competitor that, I am uncomfortable!

You say you have a shortage of talent, you ask yourself willing to pay for talent?

"About Management"

Staff learn to repair cars, the boss learn to repair people!

The car is not refueling not to go, people refueling will not go!

You can put the chickens in a chicken cage, but we can't go in there ourselves!

"About Leadership"

The boss stands, Enterprise Soul is in!

The position of the employees ' thoughts you don't occupy, you will be infected by the virus!

The boss should have the ability to change programs for the "mob"!

"About achievements"

A person's career can be long to see how many people he can go crazy!

How many people you give to the good enough, how many people worship you!

The size of your life is how many people you can read!

"About playing stock"

When does the stock buy? Is that people do not believe that the stock can make money!

Stock play is not which listed companies can pay dividends, but let you believe how much to pay dividends!

Play stock must jump out of the stock Hall!

"About Children"

What do you mean "pushy"? He thought the dragon didn't come true, so force the child!

Parents and children to communicate to the frequency, to be good at pretending to be a child's friend!

Childhood obsession with the stage of children, grow up must have achievements!

From the President Classroom Network!!!

A language into gold, say through management, point through life!

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