A large collection of front-end development resources should not be missed

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A large collection of front-end development resources should not be missed

The front-end recommendations we bring this week include the popular technologies such as bootstrap, html5, and css3 and news topics. If you want to learn how to develop them, we can also focus on our geek course library, which covers the new features of modern development technology, 'learn' and 'learn. Hope to help you! Original article: geek tag

JQueryMobile implements a simple pop-up box

What we bring to you today is that jQueryMobile implements a simple pop-up box. If you are interested, try it ~

In-depth introduction to H5 game development principles

Start with me and create a simple and powerful HTML5 game engine!

Sharing 10 sets of classical retro-style uidesigns

The classic retro UI design can well embellish your web pages, especially if you need to demonstrate the depth of your product or content or experience the enduring temperament of your content or product, classical or retro UI is definitely your first choice. Here we collect 10 sets of excellent classical retro UI from abroad. They all provide PSD downloads. If you need them, download it now!

A collection of Chrome development tools and techniques

If you want to know the tips in chrome development tools, never miss this website. Every day, we will share with you the latest tips on chrome development tools!

No basic CSS3 learning background image position adjustment

Example of adjusting the background image position.

Free High-speed download-unlimited sharing

Baidu online storage provides network backup, synchronization, and sharing services for files. Large Space, fast speed, secure and stable. It supports education network acceleration and mobile terminals. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy 15 GB free storage space.

Optimized jQuery to adjust screen and scroll Performance

In a recent jQuery plug-in, I used the resize () method in jQuery to detect the user's browser window adjustment and run the relevant code. I noticed that the performance consumption of each browser varies with resize window. What we want is to execute the event only after the adjustment is completed. Fortunately, we can adjust the event in the following ways.

How to Create a circular progress button

For more information about how to implement the Circular progress button, see Colin Garven. We will use the SVG sketch animation technology that James Archibald talked about to implement the Circular progress process, and then provide a success or failure state to display the final state after completion.

Use the jQuery plug-in TimeCircle to generate a nice countdown Effect

This section describes how to use TimeCircle and download the code.

Responsive website Gilt.com

Recently, the Gilt special operations team spent five weeks creating a Play application that responds to the portrait and landscape screens of mobile terminals. After the work is completed, we will gather together to review and summarize the previous work. Of course, we are also willing to transfer the experience we have learned from PC-side friendly experience to mobile terminals and share it with you like Native apps. This article (the first in five articles in the series) will share how a successful review summary meeting will be held.

Android-pulltorefresh that supports various controls/pull-down refreshes

Android-pulltorefresh is a powerful open-source project that supports pull-down refresh of various controls, such as ListView, ViewPager, WevView, ExpandableListView, GridView, (Horizontal) ScrollView, and Fragment. In addition, the pull-down refresh ListView implemented by him does not display a refresh prompt when the item is less than one screen, and the experience is good.

21 tools and applications commonly used by user experience designers

Online tools are frequently used in the user experience team. In the UX world, whether you are a newbie or an experienced veteran, you should not stop looking for tools that will make your work easier. In this article, we have prepared 21 tools for user experience design.

Highstock generates a stock K-line chart

Contains downloadable code and online demos. Use HightStock to generate a stock K-line chart example.

Create a slightly naughty personal homepage-menu

In these three forms of css code, there are area_main styles, but there is only one sentence of transition. In different places, there are some latencies, and some do not, when switching the normal and right forms, area_main is actually retracted to the left, and area_right is expanded to the right. If both operations are performed, It is unfriendly. Therefore, this latency is added. You can find out the specific logic.

10 free jquery plug-ins required by programmers

This week brought 10 free jquery plug-ins. If you also have good works, you are welcome to share them in the Community. When you get help, you can also share your works with more people.

Special effects: the font scanning and switching effects of HTML5 canvases

The HTML5 canvas is used to calculate and generate the font jitter effect, which is very good.

Dependency injection in Andriod

Web backend developers should be familiar with dependency injection. How does Android perform dependency injection? In this article, let's take an example to understand the advantages of dependency injection in Android.

Semi-circular scrolling Effect

Use css3 and js to implement the semi-circular scrolling effect.

Five Javascript class libraries that help simplify HTML5 Audio Development

The HTML5 audio TAG provides our ability to easily control sounds. However, it is still very troublesome to use native HTML5 to develop sound or music-related projects. In this article, we will introduce five javascript audio class libraries that help you simplify development. We believe that reasonable use can help you efficiently develop html5 audio-based applications and projects. I hope you will find them helpful!

Free Resource: iOS8 application icon set of JellyFish

A collection of ios8. ios8.

Geek tag is now available # GB course library #, this is a new feature that covers the most popular modern development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, javascript, bootstrap, and so on. We invite you to come and use it. It will definitely make you spend the least money and time and bring you the most valuable experience! This week's recommendation has been completed. We look forward to seeing you!

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